The 10 Best Excursions in Punta Cana to do in 2017

Posted by - January 4, 2017 | Category: Escapes

Want to do more on your Dominican vacation than lie in the sun all day? There are plenty of exciting day excursions in Punta Cana that will provide you and your traveling companions with plenty of unforgettable memories.

Below, we will share just a few of the activities that you can get up to during your time here.

1) Jungle safaris

Jungle Dominican Republic

While many travelers come to the Dominican Republic to experience its amazing beaches, this nation also has an abundance of lush rainforests. By heading out on a jungle safari, you can learn about the different plants and animals that can be found in the hills behind the many Punta Cana resorts in the area.

2) Boat tours

Few things beat a great day out on the water. During your time in Punta Cana, set aside one day to go on a boat tour of the area. With many providers offering generous seafood buffets at lunch and floating bars throughout the day, chances are good that it will be a highlight of your vacation here.

3) Zipline parks

Looking for a dose of adrenaline on your holiday? If so, there are a number of zip line parks in the Punta Cana area. In addition to the standard zip lines that these parks offer, some offer a thrilling ride known as the extreme swing. If you ever wanted to channel your inner Tarzan, this 90-foot high attraction will give you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

4) Cultural tours

There is more to travel than the pursuit of pleasure. Take a day out of your schedule during your trip to learn a little about the local culture. From visits with local schoolchildren to watching adults play dominoes in the park, excursions such as Punta Cana Mike’s Private Dominican Adventure will give you a feel for how daily life is for the average citizen in the Dominican Republic.

5) Surf camps

Surfboards Dominican Republic

The swells off Punta Cana are relatively gentle, making it a great place for beginners to learn how to surf. Outfits such as Macao Surf Camp provide their students with rash guards to protect them from the rough surface of their surfboard, making it easy and fun to learn this addictive sport.

6) Horseback riding

Want to get a taste of the Dominican countryside? Sign up for a day of horseback riding into the interior of the island. In addition to riding, you may also get the chance to do other activities depending on which operator you sign up with. From cigar rolling to zip lining, this activity will prove to be an exciting day away from the resort.

7) Helicopter rides

Want to see what the Dominican Republic looks like from the air? Hire a helicopter pilot to take you thousands of feet in the air above its aquamarine waters and lush rainforests. Many offer a tour to a nearby waterfall, making this activity perfect for couples that are looking for something romantic to do on vacation.

8) Hot air balloon rides

If the whirring of rotor blades isn’t exactly your idea of an alluring activity, then going on a hot air balloon ride might be more in line with your expectations. Soaring high above the sugarcane fields of Punta Cana just before dawn, you will never find a better excuse to have champagne and cheese this early in the morning.

9) Diving and snorkeling excursions

Snorkel Boat Tour Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Want to explore the world beneath the waves? Sign up for one of many diving and snorkeling excursions available in Punta Cana. Keep your eyes open for starfish, lionfish, and other aquatic wonders as you explore the many spectacular coral reefs that can be found just off the coast of Saona Island National Park.

10) Dune buggy tours

Want to combine a fun and muddy day out on the back roads with a dose of the real Dominican Republic? There are many outfits that offer dune buggy tours that will take you deep into the countryside, where chickens run free in the streets.

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