10 Top Places to Holiday Around the World

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The world is a beautiful place to explore! If you’re an adventure lover, be on the lookout as more cities and countries are highlighting natural pursuits like spelunking in caves, whitewater rafting, mountain coasters, zip lining, and extreme snowboarding. The options are nearly endless for whatever exciting activity you’re into.

For whatever activities you enjoy, here are 10 Destinations Around the World to spark your travel creativity:

Yelapa, Mexico

Are you looking for a tropical climate in an exotic jungle setting while staying on a budget? Your search can end in Yelapa, Mexico. This small island boasts exotic fishing excursions, paragliding and wildlife viewing as well as plenty of jungle hiking and walkways.  If you’re Australian, look into travel insurance.  Your current coverage may not cover you if you travel internationally.

Nestled in the heart of the island is the boutique hotel Verana. At the top of the stone steps, the foliage parts for breathtaking views from each of the ten bungalows offering both a sense of adventure and luxury.

Alaska, United States

Mountains alaska 1622731 1280

While the United States boasts many prime vacation destinations, none can compare to the rugged and exquisite state of Alaska. It naturally flaunts outdoor adventure with summertime’s 20 hours of daylight which allows for trekking snow capped mountains, whale watching or spotting grizzly bears and bald eagles.

For those of you considering a cruise, Alaskan Dream Cruises are adding to their itineraries and combining with on shore expeditions into the native villages.

Not only does Alaska offer a multitude of adventure opportunities, it also presents a growing culinary culture.

Anchorage proffers fresh salmon, halibut and seafood as well as a local treat, reindeer sausage, which comes highly recommended.

Montreal, Canada 

Montreal Old City Quebec

The Canadian city of Montreal has a strong French influence that can give you a taste of Paris, but does not require the long and expensive flight to Europe.

A highlight in Montreal is also the newly opened public art display, Cite Memoire. The city’s 375-year history is projected onto the sides of buildings and on the streets of Old Montreal. Using a free and easy to download app for bonus features that will create stunning memories.

Xian, China

Xian is the ancient capital of China and, while it has a rich history, it has also remains small (13 million compared to the modern capital Beijing) and easy to traverse by foot or bicycle.

Upon the discovery of the Terracotta Warriors in 1979, Xian was rediscovered as a destination for visitors. Considered one of the world’s most incredible archaeological finds, entrance to the display is budget friendly at only $23 for entry.

Also, be sure to take an evening meander through the many monuments throughout the city which are lit in dramatic fashion.


Curacao 1467575 1280

The Dutch-Caribbean island was one of the few places unscathed by the hurricanes during the fall of 2017 and, yet, there has been an 11% decline in hotel prices for 2018 which could leave you with a few extra dollars to spend on water activities. Curaçao has some of the best snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean.

Senegal, Africa

Senegal will beguile anyone looking for a modern alternative to other destinations in Africa, particularly in the city of Dakar which is simultaneously a backpacker’s delight and a place to enjoy a touch of luxury. Due to its contemporary atmosphere, it is easy to navigate independent of guides, allowing for freedom of exploration – all you need is some basic French.

Hong Kong

The skyscraper hong kong3090321 1280

For a culinary adventure, Hong Kong provides a plethora of excellent options. Food & Wine has an extensive list of choices from Yenn Wong, the restaurateur behind nine of the city’s most popular restaurants in which he tells you where to eat in Asia’s World City.


Tokyo International Airport Exterior

Tokyo is a food lover’s heaven, which is known around the world. In keeping with tradition, they have unrivaled attention to detail from how ingredients are treated to the way packaging is designed and intricately presented. Form soba to sashimi, you’ll certainly find something to please your palate in Tokyo.


For a classic, but sure to please option, French fare cannot be outdone. However, don’t be fooled by the archetypal cuisine, a new generation of chefs are furthering food in Paris. Lindsey Tramuta, author of The New Paris and the popular blog Lost in Cheeseland, offers insight and delightful suggestions.

Seville, Spain 

Plaza espana seville spain1751442 1280

Seville, Spain is the iconic home of tapas, but hosts other delicacies from fino sherry to gazpacho. The city rife with history, culture, and architecture will also thrill your taste buds as you sample plates and drinks in lively venues or quiet, sit-down restaurants.


With all these fabulous destinations as viable holiday locales, it’s hard to decide where to go! However, the easy decision is to just book your flight, pack your luggage, purchase your Fast Cover travel insurance if you’re a wandering aussie, and hail the nearest taxi!

Where are your favourite travel destinations around the world? Share your top picks with us in the comments below.

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