12 Mildly Disturbing Miniland Scenes from Legoland, Florida

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Miniland USA, Legoland, Florida

Charlie Chaplin once said, “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”

That may be true of the movies, but the reverse is the case at Legoland Florida’s Miniland USA. According to the Fun Facts posted around the park, over 100 Master Builders from North America, Europe, and Asia worked for two years to complete the Miniland USA attraction at Florida’s newest theme park. Thankfully some of those builders had a pretty good, and sometimes twisted, sense of humour.
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Check out some of their curious creations below.

1. The Suspicious Ice Cream Truck


I Scream, U Scream, but notice how this truck mentions nothing about ice cream? Nice touch with the child running away and the police officer approaching though.

2. The Heimlich Maneuver – Lego-style


A Lego artisan’s rendering of a sidewalk café date gone horribly wrong gets big points for storytelling: knocked over plants, abdominal thrust, right down to the expelled object. Sadly, I think it’s a just a croissant.  That’s too bad — the irony of a Lego choking on a small child would have been sublime.

3. Crazy Cat Lady


So just how many cats do you need before you’re considered a crazy cat lady? Fifteen according to the folks at Legoland. Plenty of curlers helps too.

4. Lego Man vs. Lego Shark


Life’s got you over a barrel, and just when you thought things can’t get worse, there’s a shark that spots your Lego-y legs. Nice.

5.The Public Hanging


I’m sure many parents wanted to do this to themselves after having to spend the entire day at Legoland surrounded by screaming kids.

6. Walking the Plank


They don’t take too kindly to pirates at Legoland. Although what appears to be Lego WaterWings are markedly improving this guy’s chances of ending up in a watery grave.

7. You’ve Got Crabs


That’s what you get for wearing a Speedo.

8. The Hot Firemen


“Mom, can I get the Beefy Shirtless Firemen Party Lego set for Christmas this year?”

9. Lego Stickman


Is he bowing for the ladies, or the gentleman behind him? Hmmm…

10. The Lego Wedding


Nothing says love like a wedding ceremony performed by a dwarf.

11. The Fountain of Youth


Just up the road from Legoland Florida is the town of St. Augustine, former haunt of Ponce de León and home of his supposed discovery – the Fountain of Youth, now an Archaeological Park. Let’s hope Poncey would have been proud of Lego’s interpretation with the elderly making their way to the fountain of youth, shedding their clothes, and ending up all Benjamin Button on the grass.

12. Suspicious Ice Cream Truck – Part 2


Take 2 of the I Scream, U Scream saga takes part outside a, ahem,  “Forever 12” store. Really? At the least the cops are close at hand here too.
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78 comments - add one
  1. I am HOWLING at these scenes – and your comments!! I’m gonna bookmark this one for when I’m having a grumpy day and need a good chuckle!! And who knew you could create such things from Legos?! All I could ever make was a square – and even then I needed one of those grey knobby platforms. Clearly I’m a blockhead – or not, actually, I guess!!

  2. Like I already didn’t want to spend a day at Legoland with a bunch of screaming children. Now I can barely stay in my seat! I just remember all those years of fun I had with my Lego “Caligula” set. Ah.. good times, good times.

  3. I didn´t know there was a Disneyland in Florida, too. Some clever and creative exhibits here for sure. I think Lego´s Danish creators would approve 🙂

  4. Hilarious! After I noticed a piece of garbage shaped like a rabbit the other day, my husband told me, “You don’t see the world like everyone else.” I’m glad to see other people noticing the weird and funny!

  5. Raymond. You have got this gig nailed down! Awesome post once again! A classic really.

    I think now I know what I want to do with my life. If traveling and blogging doesn’t work out. I’m calling Legoland!

  6. wow – these observations are out there! 😉 Legoland is not far away from my current base, plus I have FL residency for now, so I’m hoping the price is lower haha 😛 I’ve been meaning to check it out for a while now, but after this post, is a must!

  7. So I have to ask, did you have lots of fun? I am considering going to the one in Windsor, just outside of London. Seems very intriguing. Okay, so I’m partial to number 3 – she’s really funny.

    1. I did have some fun — I wish there was more to do for big kids like me though. If you have kids, or have access to some, it would be a good way to entertain them for a day. 🙂

    1. This was actually number 2 on my list of Things to Do in Florida — number 1 was the Burt Reynolds museum in Jupiter, but sadly, I ran out of time. 🙁

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. These are AWESOME!! It’s kind of fun that the creators had a sense of humor and it’s a bit like the Simpsons cartoon really – kids enjoy it but adults get the double entendres and inside jokes 😛

  9. The thing that I can never quite figure out with the Legoland models is why they choose to “build” figures when they already have Lego man/woman/other creations. That to me is kind of disturbing after they built a brand around the Lego figure.

  10. Wow, I’m surprised they didn’t find the one I found. It was a bunch of white cops beating up a black guy. No kidding, I think it was in D.C. or NYC.

  11. In the last one, are u sure that’s a police car? The ‘P’ might mean something else more disturbing as well, u know. Something like ahem ped…ok, nevermind!

  12. Fantastic! There are always little “easter eggs” built into kids’ attractions aimed at the parents. You will see that in every Disney animated movie as well. Some of it you don’t know is there if you weren’t a part of it (worked at the Television & Movies dept)…

    I have little vignettes just like this in my office… maybe I should apply for a job with Legoland!

  13. We were just at Legoland this last weekend. I had noticed the dead man in the Vegas desert with the buzzard on a nearby cactus and also the \”friendly\” lady feeding the pigeons with a pigeon cookbook in her box and a dea pigeon behind her. I sure wish I would have known about all of this before we went.


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