3 Places Every Man Wants to See Once in a Lifetime – But Can’t

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There are so many wonderful places and landmarks around the world to see and experience that it would take several lifetimes to explore them all. But we’re only human, after all, which means that we always want the things we can’t get – or at least not very easily. This is true for everything from women to products to experiences and places to see. There are many wonderful places we are able to visit – but I’m sure many of your bucket lists contain at least one of the places below, off-limits for the majority of the population.

The Playboy Mansion

Playboy is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, forever intertwined with sexy bunnies in the minds of most – and quality journalism in the minds of the magazine’s actual readership. I think the former was the inspiration for the Playboy live casino games at Royal Vegas online, where Royal Vegas players can remotely play roulette and blackjack against hostesses dressed as Playboy bunnies.

And at the center of the whole Playboy phenomenon, there is the place that most people dream of seeing at least once in a lifetime: a temple dedicated to the high life and female beauty called the Playboy Mansion. To visit the mansion, one has to buy into the charitable events and parties taking place there – and the tickets can be a bit pricey for an average guy like you and me.


Mecca 1050478 1280

Mecca is the center of the Islamic world. It is the birthplace of Muhammad and the place where the Quran was revealed to him first – as such, it is the holiest place in the religion of Islam. Each year, the population of the 2 million city more than triples due to the large number of pilgrims coming to the city during the month of Dhu al-Hijjah. Mecca is also the most cosmopolitan city in the Muslim world, due to the large number of visitors coming to it each year from every corner of the globe.

Unfortunately, Mecca is off-limits for any non-Muslim. Those who might consider Medina a second-best option will also be disappointed – the center of the city is also closed, meaning that no “infidel” can visit it at all.

Area 51

Area 51 2037418 1280

Even if we dismiss the numerous conspiracy theories and unproven beliefs that the Homey Airport, also known as Groom Lake hides the remains of an alien spaceship that crashed at Roswell in 1947, the destination of the facility commonly referred to as “Area 51” still remains a well-guarded secret. I think many of you are curious about what the intense security measures surrounding the area are guarding against the public eye – experimental aircraft, weapon systems or little green (or big grey) aliens walking around the base. Unfortunately, Area 51 is still off-limits for any unauthorized visitors.

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