4 Things Everyone Should do in Vegas

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Las Vegas is a place that everyone should visit at least once. You can enjoy dancing, shows, casinos, and party until you drop. Everyone knows you can gamble in Vegas, but there is so much more to do than that. If you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, you need to know all of your options. Here are some things that everyone needs to do when they go.


Visit Quirky Museums

When you think of Vegas, you probably don’t think of museums, but most people don’t realize that it has some of the most interesting museums in the world. You won’t find the most refined art or history museum, but you will find some museums that you won’t find anywhere else. The Atomic Testing museum is a museum that gives everyone a look into the Las Vegas atomic bomb testing site. It shows how nuclear power rose in the United States and the tests that were performed in Vegas between 1951 and 1992. The museum is both frightening and enlightening. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

Another offbeat museum in Vegas is the Mob Museum. If you’re intrigued by underworld dealings and men like Al Capone, you’ll love this museum. Ironically enough, the museum is a transformed former courthouse. It once hosted many of the Kefauver hearings. You can find the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall and learn about the impact that the mafia had on Vegas. You can even attend mob-related parties and attend special speaker events. Vegas is known for its neon signs all over the town. You can see some vintage signs from the past in the Neon Museum. The best time to visit the museum is the evening because you can see the signs lit up and imagine what Vegas looked like in decades past.

Lake of Dreams


The Lakeside restaurant is an amazing restaurant in Las Vegas. The ocean-to-table restaurant has fresh seafood such as Hawaiian fish, lobster, and crab. Whether you would rather eat a steak or you just enjoy surf and turf, you can have one of the best steaks in the city or a delicious prime rib. The most popular feature of the restaurant is the Lake of Dreams. The lake is in front of a 40-foot waterfall that flows down a pine-topped mountain. It includes a nightly show that is narrated by Steve Wynn himself. The restaurant is at the Steve Wynn Resort hotel. The golden hotel beams luxury and it’s a great place to stay while you’re in town.



Las Vegas is known for having smaller versions of the world’s most popular monuments throughout the city. One of those monuments is the Space Needle. The mini Space Needle is called the Stratosphere. The Stratosphere is actually a hotel with the monument in front of it. The Stratosphere has many events. Unlike the Space Needle, it has amazing rides that you can go on. The Big Shot is a ride that allows you to take a chair to the top and free fall 160 feet to the bottom. Insanity is another ride that features a large mechanical arm that juts out from the mock monument. You will stick out 64 feet over the edge of the tower and 900 feet in the air where you spin around in circles. Finally, the X-Scream is a ride that allows you to weightless dangle 109 stories into the air and 27 feet over the edge of the tower. You quickly snap back into the tower and back again. Of course, you can always just leap off of the tower. The Sky Jump is the highest controlled jump in the entire world. You can bungee jump from 829 feet and freefall 40 miles per hour.

Eiffel Tower Experience


If you don’t think you’ll ever have the money to visit Paris, you can still see the Eiffel Tower; at least, you can see one of them. The Caesar Hotel in Las Vegas brings you the Eiffel Tower experience. The elegant hotel brings the romance and beauty of Paris right to the United States with its very own Eiffel tower attached to the hotel. The amazing landmark is a very popular spot for weddings and romantic picnics. You can see Vegas from the best spot in town by riding the glass elevator 460 feet into the air. You can see 360 degrees of breathtaking views. Before you see the sites, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. The tower also has a gift shop so you can buy souvenirs for your family while you are there. Before you leave, stop buy the Total Snap Shot kiosk and purchase your commemorative photo so you can frame the moment forever.

Las Vegas is a lot of fun. Most people think all there is to do is gamble, but you can ride rides, enjoy a slice of Paris, and see some unforgettable shows. When you plan your trip to Vegas, make sure you ride the Stratosphere and enjoy the mini-monuments of the world


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  1. I’ve actually been to the Eiffel Tower Experience – both the restaurant and the Observation deck. The restaurant burns a nice hole in your wallet, but worthwhile if celebrating a special occasion, like a Honeymoon or milestone Wedding Anniversary.

    Otherwise, save the money and go to the Observation Deck where you will get the best view of the Strip. When I was there, it was Independance Day 2012, so my Girlfriend and I could actually spot fireworks in the distance from the top of the tower. Try to time your visit for special holidays in this case!


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