4 Things To Learn During Your Next Travel Escape

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Traveling the country – or even the world – is one of the best experiences you can have. It opens you up to new cultures and ways of thinking, allows you to see things that you can’t find in your hometown, and provides you with stories that will last a lifetime. One of the best things about traveling though, is that it is the perfect time to learn something new. There are some things that you just can’t learn from home, and that you need to travel around for. So the next time you are escaping your day-to-day life by doing some traveling, try to learn the following things on your trip.

A New Language

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Traveling outside the country is a great time to learn a new language. Many language experts agree that in order to truly master a language, you need to be submersed in it. You can study all you want from home or while you’re on a commute, but if you want to become fluent in a language, you need to use it frequently and in different situations. When you travel, you’ll be surrounded by other people who speak this language, forcing you to learn it. So the next time you travel to a country that does not primarily speak English, make an effort to learn as much of the language as you can.

A New Way To Cook

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If you come back from your trip without having tried any new foods, you should consider your trip a failure. One the best parts of traveling is that you get to try new foods from all over the world – things that you would not normally eat or know how to make. While you are on your trip, if you eat something that you like, try to get the recipe for it. That way, when you get back home, you’ll have something you can make repeatedly that will remind you of your trip. The more traveling you do, the more unique recipes you can add to your arsenal.

All About Flying

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Unless you are driving for all of your trips, you’re likely to get on a plane at some point. Not only are planes the fastest way to travel all over the world, but they can be great ways to see unique views of your destination. One of the best activities to do in any new stop is to take a flight around the area and get a bird’s eye view.

With all this time you’ll be spending in planes, why not learn a little bit more about them? Planes are fascinating pieces of machinery, and the more traveling you do, the more types of planes you’ll be introduced to. You can even do a bit of advanced research by browsing sites like A.E.R.O, to seem more knowledgeable when you chat up the pilot.

How To Get Around Without GPS

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In the modern world, it has become easier than ever to find your way around. All you need to do is take out your phone, open up an app, and you’ll instantly know exactly where you are, and have directions to anywhere you want to go. While this can be a very convenient tool, it is good to know how to operate without it. What happens if you are in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly your phone breaks?

A good skill to learn is how to get around without modern technology. Whenever you visit a new place, purchase a paper map and learn how their public transit system operates. It’s even a good idea to start brushing up on other skills, like how to tell directions based on the sun and stars. Getting around without a GPS will help you to get a better feel for the location you are in, force you to talk to the inhabitants, and give you a valuable life skill.

Always Look To Learn Something New

Once your trip is over, you don’t want to come back home being no wiser than when you left. The point of escaping through travel is to get out of your comfort zone and to try new things. Use this opportunity to learn as much as you can – from the local customs to skills you can use back home. In the end your trip which have a much larger impact on you, and you’ll be better off for it.

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