5 Countries for Your 2015 Bucket List

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The travel pundits have made a list of must-see places, and we have narrowed it down to these 5 countries that have to find a place in your 2015 travel bucket list. It is no doubt tempting to visit the hip and happening Las Vegas yet again or rediscover the romance of Paris; however, if you want to tread off the beaten path, search for new places of wonder or discover an unblemished piece of land hidden somewhere exotic, then these 5 countries will surely satisfy your travel needs.

New Zealand

Beautiful New Zealand<br /><br /> Lake Hawea

If you really want to visit a far-off place or step foot in an unblemished wilderness, then all you have to do is make your way to New Zealand. Everyone who visits New Zealand seems to keep it right on top of the ‘best places to visit’ list. All the places that once occupied your dreams, the colors that once were a part of your beautiful imagination or the breathtaking landscapes that seemed surreal will surely come to life and burst with all the lively intensity once you reach New Zealand. Go on the Ultimate Lord of the Rings tour or make your way back to life and excitement with the glacier tour. Get in touch with nature with a tour of the nature-kissed south and north of the country or hop in a campervan and explore the lot. Whatever you do, New Zealand will amaze.


Bicaz Canyon Romania

This East European holiday destination makes it to this list, thanks to its dynamic mixture of culture, history, beauty and art! There are a number of unique travel destinations, from most-visited to out-of-the-trodden path – Romania’s many architectural wonders and natural treasures tickle your travel senses. Take a train to the beautiful Danube River, travel to the mystical and medieval Transylvania, visit the world famous painted monasteries of Bucovina to take a step back in time or climb up to the hilltop century old Sighisoara citadel – Romania never ceases to amaze you.


Tunisia Chebika

With a vast coastline, this Mediterranean marvel showcases the best of Africa – its glorious sun, sun-kissed sands, great food, genuinely warm people, fascinating culture and rich civilization. From Roman style villas to ultra-modern resorts, Tunisia offers something special to everyone. Visit the museum to look at the biggest collection of mosaics in the world or say a prayer at the oldest Jewish temple in the world. Tunisia has the best of both of everything – azure blue beaches and arid deserts. Sahara is a place worth checking out; you’ll be spellbound by the emotions a barren land can evoke. Great food, endless shopping in the souks, and world-class spas – Tunisia has everything to make it a memorable holiday.


Souq Zoco Marrakech Morocco

Although there aren’t any magic carpets in Morocco, you will certainly feel the magic of the place everywhere you go. If you want to shop till you drop, then head to any of the souks and get every beautiful and intricately designed products from carpets to cummerbunds. And food is not only cheap, but also extremely tasty, authentic and diverse. As one of the most intriguing places on Earth, Morocco is a place worth spending the next vacation in.


Granada Nicaragua

This Central American place is fast becoming the most popular and preferred tourist destination. And, it is time you made it to your list of must-see places in 2015. Since it is only recently coming into the spotlight, the sightseeing locations are cheap and the hotels are affordable. The dense jungles, the intense landscapes, the innumerable beaches and interesting culture are enough to draw crowds of people. If you are not someone to lock yourself in a rich compound in a foreign country after paying thousands of dollars, then Nicaragua is the best place to escape to. The capital, Managua, is a place to visit – at least for its old cathedral ruined by quake and riddled with bullet holes. There are many pubs, nature rich islands, rainforest, hiking trails, and active volcanoes that make Nicaragua a unique place to visit.

This list will come in handy for all those waiting to explore places but just can’t make up their mind as to where to head to.

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