5 Fab Family Holidays

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A Weekend in Inverness, Scotland

Castle Urquhart at Loch Ness Scotland

Sometimes the best places to get away are right in your own backyard, and if you happen to live in the United Kingdom it could be a fantastic option to travel north to the top of the Scottish Highlands. Aside from the greenery that is found everywhere, you will be able to rent out a cottage or get a hotel room for a couple days and just enjoy this beautiful country. Loch Ness is near by with the castle and boat tours that go on the lake, and there are also many walking paths to get outdoors and enjoy yourself. Prepare to be shocked and surprised as you’ll think you’ve gone to a different country…

A Cottage Break in Cotswolds

Bourton on the Water the Cotswalds England

Deep in the heart of the English countryside are the Cotswolds Hills, which is both a favorite for locals and tourists alike to get a break away from the hectic city life. This is one of the most quaint areas of the UK and can really make you feel like you have just gone back a century in time, and a fantastic way to get the most of your experience there is to take a cottage break. By renting a cottage in the Cotswolds you will have the opportunity to get in touch with nature, your family, and yourself as you explore the whole region. There are some fantastic luxury cottages to choose from, as well as many budget options too if you can’t afford to splash out.

Bike Trip In Germany

Bike trip in Rothenburg Germany

Getting to ride the European countryside is a great way to experience what it first hand. Renting a bicycle and getting on the move with the family can create all sorts of adventures and take you to places that you might have never been before. The neat thing about central Europe is the fact that they love to make bike paths available to their citizens, so you should have no issues finding one that will lead you to an interesting village, historic castle, or a luscious forest only heard about in fairy tales.

Domes of Elounda in Greece

Pool at Domes of Elounda Greeece

The Domes of Elounda in Greece are more than just a great getaway spot, but they are some of the best luxury villas that the entire country has to offer. Here, you will be able to sleep in and enjoy the nature outside, walk on your own private beach, swim in an amazing swimming pool and dine like royalty on right on the grounds. This is one of the best ways to enjoy your visit to Greece as it will make you feel as if the whole thing was designed just for you.

Zip Lining in Costa Rica

Costa Rica zipline  Raymond Walsh  Tobago

One of the most beautiful countries in Central America is Costa Rica, and it is no wonder why people flock there to zip line through the forests. Families of all sizes and ages can put on a helmet and fly above the trees and animals in the country on an all-day adventure, and not only is this a very popular activity but it is a great way to bond and get your fix for a good thrill. Costa Rica is also home to many friendly people and very exotic, but delicious cuisine.

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