5 Perfect Places for a Cycling Escape

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Cycling holidays are becoming more and more popular as the sport itself increases in popularity and the good news is that there are loads of fantastic cycling holiday destinations out there which will each give you a different experience. We’ve put together some of the best locations for a cycling break, where 2 wheels is as good (if not better!) than any other mode of transport:

1. France

Paris bike lane Paris France

Known for its most anticipated bicycle race, the Tour de France, this country is one of the most popular for bike holidays. You can go to be a witness to the exciting race, whilst cycling alongside between different vantage points. In France, it is very common to see anyone riding a bicycle on the road especially during weekends and during the Tour de France time, local races are rampant and some families are out for an afternoon ride. Should you wish to explore the Alps while cycling, you may do so as bike hires are readily available in the nearby resorts or from specialist companies like Le Velo Voyageur. Just run at a slower speed than the usual to truly enjoy the magnificent scenery of this beautiful country.

2. Norway

Trollstigen Mountain Road in Norway Troll s Ladder

In Norway, the best months for cycling are between June to August. What’s unique here in Norway is that you can cycle your way through long distance tunnels. Before entering, just make sure you read all the information posted because tunnels can be as long as 5 kilometers. Use of bike lights is mandatory in tunnels, even though light posts are present along the way. Always stay visible by wearing bright colored jackets. Currently, there are 10 national cycle routes that connect some regions and grab the interest of cyclists because of the natural attractions.

3. Morocco

Souq Zoco Marrakech Morocco

While cycling in Morocco has gained popularity, it is still recommended to cycle with a partner or group, especially for starters. The greatest challenge every tourist wants to overcome is to cross the Sahara Desert by cycling. Could it really be possible? Of course, as long as you are willing to endure the pain of cycling for several days. Prepare enough food and water for your entire cycling course. And this does not only mean cycling, you will also get to experience camping in the desert in the incredibly difficult conditions. For those who aren’t really interested in Sahara Desert and want something more serene, you can try cycling at Rif or Atlas Mountains with a tour company. Both also offers fantastic view of nature including wildflowers, lakes and dry fruits. How wonderful!

4. Spain

The road to Los Gigantes in Tenerife Canary Islands Spain

So, when is the best time to go cycling in Spain? No, not summer but during autumn ( September-October).  Your lightweight rain jackets and boots can definitely handle the little rain that you might experience. Just in time for La Vuelta, the third most celebrated bike race in the world, you get to witness hundreds of cyclist on the road whilst you ride through the stunning sceneries of Andalucia, Mallorca or Northern Spain.

5. Vietnam

Man on the lam Quang Anh Vietnam

With beautiful beaches and coastlines, cycling in Vietnam can be so fun. However, when cycling in its major cities, you must keep calm because of the heavy traffic where you might be best advised to hop off two wheels. If you really want to enjoy your cycling trip here, you can move your way up to the Central Highlands. Avoid making the trip in May since the weather is at its hottest then, but if you can stand the heat then Vietnam is a great spot for a cycling break.

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