5 Quirky Places to Stay in France

Posted by - July 10, 2017 | Category: Hideouts

It seems these days that hotel rooms are becoming more and more lifeless. In fact, it can be hard to tell the difference between hotel rooms in New York and Paris. What you really need to spice up your holiday to France is some quirky places to stay; the kind of unusual accommodation that you’ll remember for decades to come. Sound intriguing? Well here are five of France’s quirkiest rentals to get you started:

1. Bubble Under the Stars

Attrap Rêves Bubble Hotel France

Have you ever wished you could live in a bubble, protected from all the dangers of the outside world? Well your dream can now come true with this truly unusual accommodation – a clear bubble under the stars. Protected from the outside elements such as the weather, as well as annoying bugs, each bubble is inflated by a silent blower that continuously pumps fresh air into your room. Inside each bubble is a queen-sized bed and access to private bathrooms. You simply lie back, relax and take in all the scenery – you can even request your own telescope and star chart.

2. Self-Built Igloo in the French Alps

Igloo making France French Alps

When you think of the French Alps, a vision of a wooden chalet with a log fire no doubt comes to mind. But that’s where everyone wants to stay! Instead make your stay more unique by creating your own igloo to sleep in overnight. Armed with your own expert guide, you’ll pack everything you need for your overnight adventure and make your way to a remote spot in the alps. You can even expect to see some interesting wilderness along the way. Once you’ve found the best spot for your igloo, your guide will help you construct one safe enough to sleep in, then you’ll enjoy dinner by a fire outside before spending the night in your self-built snow house. It’s truly an unforgettable experience!

3. Human-Sized Hamster Cage

No, you did read that correctly. You can actually rent your own hamster cage for the night. Situated in Nantes, this themed apartment might be small, but it more than makes up for size in its quirkiness. La Villa Hamster Nantes has, unlike a traditional hamster cage, its own kitchenette, dining room and — most importantly — WiFi. Due to its size, you probably don’t want to spend the night indoors; luckily the apartment is incredibly close to local bars and restaurants so you can party the night away before returning to your ‘cage’.

4. Medieval Castle

Château de Courances France castle

When you were little you no doubt saw a few Disney movies or video games with spectacular castles, the kind of castles you never thought you’d get a chance to stay in. That is, unless you’re visiting Dordogne – a region of France rumoured to have over 1000 castles! Some of them can be privately rented, from large scale rentals to castle apartments perfect for couples, most of these come with their own pool and modern amenities you wouldn’t find in medieval times.

5. Airplane Villa

For most of us, sleeping on a plane involves nodding off onto our neighbour’s shoulder and hoping we didn’t snore nor drool on them. But what if you could sleep in a former plane from the fifties that is now its own bizarre villa? Accommodating up to four people, there are showers, toilets and even a large living room – all housed in a private field. You’ll never stay anywhere like it again.

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