5 Quirky Things to Do in Barcelona

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Unique, Unusual, & Offbeat Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a truly vibrant city, full of out-of-the-ordinary fun. If the usual festivals, art museums and sport don’t quench your cultural thirst in the capital of Catalonia, try out some of the suggestions below to make sure yours is a trip to remember. 

1) Museum of Erotica

woman in stiletto heels with whip -- Museum of Erotica -- Barcelona, Spain

Dedicated to cataloguing humanity’s interest in the erotic through artistic and cultural facets, the Museum of Erotica is set in the busy area of La Ramblas may not be one to visit with your Gran — though if she does tag along she’ll be treated to a free drink and Wi-Fi use, which comes with every ticket.

2) Pinchos (Pintxos)

Pinchos, quirky things to do in Barcelona

If like me you love a good buffet, the concept of pinchos can’t fail to excite you. When it comes to authentic Spanish cuisine most people have heard of tapas, but are not necessarily aware of its sexier sister pinchos. Pinchos is usually served in bars or café-style restaurants and is so-called because the small tapas dishes on offer are held together by small skewers or sticks (pincho is the word for spike). These tasty treats make for a great informal dinner with friends and let those who always want to try as much as possible do just that.

3) Dans le Noir (eat in the dark)


If you’ve ever watched (and enjoyed) the programme Dating in the Dark, then this should be on your list of places to eat in Barcelona. Designed to be a complete sensory treat, this blacked out restaurant is situated in Born. On arrival guests at Dans le Noir are taken by blind waiters to be seated in a dark room where their dining experience takes place. Quirky, creepy and messy in equal measures!

4) Ice Bar on the Beach

Ice Bar in Barcelona Spain

Temperatures in Barcelona can top 30 degrees in the summer, so a trip to Barceloneta’s Ice Bar should you sort you out when it starts to swelter. You’ll be offered appropriate attire for the sub-zero temperatures within and can enjoy sipping on cocktails and admiring the bar’s ice sculptures.

5) Museu de Carrosses Fúnebres

Museu de Carrosses Fúnebres - Barcelona, Spain

Again, this is probably not one for taking your Gran along to as this museum in the basement of Barcelona’s Municipal Funeral Services houses a fine collection of funeral carriages and hearses from all over the world. It provides some great insight into funeral ceremonies of the past and includes some fairly strange looking figures in some of the exhibits.

Still not satisfied? Check out this more in-depth list of unique activities in Barcelona.

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  1. Fabulous!! Most people only get the Gaudi tour of Barcelona. I’d especially like to go back now and meet the blind waiters and then eat in the dark!

  2. About the erotica museum… why not take your gran? Most “Grannies” these days were young in the late sixties and probably saw (or even did) things that are worse than anything shown in the museum. 🙂

  3. Hola Raymond!

    I’ve been to Barcelona twice now in one year and I’ve missed every sinlge one of your five things – wish I had read this before! I have, however, discovered pinxos this Christmas in San Sebastian (another seaside, albeit less sexy city in Spain) and am pretty much in love with them.

    Thanks for the ideas for the next time I decide to “shake my shackles” — which is pretty much a monthly deal now that I live in Europe — so much more exotic to say I spent the weekend in Lisbon than Louisiana, isn’t it? 🙂


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