5 Quirky Things to Do in Berlin

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Offbeat, Unique, and Unusual Things to Do in Berlin

There’s no secret that Berlin is a top tourist destination. With 800 years of history, it is blessed with amazing historical attractions. Being a popular destination, there’s a multitude of places to stay and even more to see in this historical city. But it doesn’t have to be all about museums and historical spots. As a matter of fact, Berlin offers some of the wackiest things one can do and must do when in this beautiful city.

Following are just some of the quirkiest activities Berlin has to put forward.

1. Badeschiff

Badeschiff outdoor swimming pool and sauna, Berlin, Germany

Literally called the ‘bathing ship’, this one-of-a kind swimming pool is embedded in the Spree River, complete with sandy beach and an open-air bar. This unusual pool was built out of massive cargo container and the idea is to experience swimming the Spree River without having to swim in the river itself due to the health risks it poses. By night, the Badeschiff transforms into an alfresco night club with parties, bands and movies. In winter, it is protected and covered with an eerie glowing membrane and accompanied with saunas to keep you toasty. There’s absolutely no excuse to overlook this spot, especially when it’s open early in the morning til midnight.

2. Unsicht-Bar

unsicht-bar sign Berlin

Give your sight a break and indulge in the experience of dining in complete darkness! At Unsicht-Bar you’ll be served in the darkest of the dark by your personal waiter who is blind or visually impaired. This is an adventure that will heighten all your senses. Though your eyes will be frantically searching for the slightest hint of light in the beginning, you will eventually surrender and fully entrust yourself to the aid of your blind waiter who is always nearby. There are obviously strict rules to abide by and instructions to follow as a patron of this bar.

3. Trabi Safari

Trabi Safari Berlin

Fancy a tour of Berlin with a slight nostalgic twist? Then catch the Trabi Safari. The experience guarantees loads of fun with you driving across Berlin in one of the cute and colourful automobiles complete with live radio commentary coming from a guide driving in a separate vehicle. Besides getting to drive an almost extinct car, you will be cruising down the streets of the city attracting attention deserving of a royalty. Be prepared to have many people waving and taking pictures of you!

4. Bike Tours

Conference Bike

A visit to Berlin won’t be complete with some kind of bike tour and you can trust that this town will have the quirkiest bike tours in the world! Never in a million years would you think of riding on a 6-person guided tour bike, let alone a Conference Bike. This extraordinary bike sits 6 people facing each other for a maximum fun and sociability and is steered by a professional operator/guide. Another crazy bike tour unique to Berlin is the Beer Bike. It takes up to 16 people and is literally a bar on wheels. It is fully equipped with a counter in the middle, 20 litres of beer tap supply, sound system for your music, roof with storage space, lighting system and of course glasses. Everyone works together to pedal while enjoying some exquisite local beer.

5. Insomnia

Insomnia nightclub, Berlin Germany

If you’re feeling extremely adventurous and in the right mood for some erotic action, then Insomnia is the club to encourage you to live out your fantasies on the dance floor, on lounge beds or in back rooms filled with some crazy erotic tools. The club itself is the result of a makeover of a century-old ballroom. Be warned though, you have to be really open-minded to be comfortable in this club.

Berlin is truly an interesting place to visit, being rich in arts, culture, food and lifestyle. There are plenty of reasons for it being a favourite destination amongst holidaymakers and this dynamic city has lots of pleasant surprises to offer every one of us.

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  1. Aw, been here two years and not one of these things have I ticked off the list. I haven’t lived I know, I know. Still at least I am not an awkward puddle of naiivety on the floor of club Insomnia.


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