5 Quirky Things to do in Brisbane

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Offbeat, Unique, & Unusual Things to do in Brisbane

If the holiday life of a Brisbane beach bum is getting a little old, and you’re open to experiencing some of the more quirky things to do in Brisbane, check out this list guaranteed to give you something besides your tan to talk about:

1. Ecclectica Esoteric Books & Curiosities

Colonel James Fizziwig’s Concealable Ossotronic Disrupter -- Steampunk

More than just a bookstore, Ecclectica Esoteric Books & Curiosities houses all manner of oddities and peculiarities. From tarot cards, to books on orbs, to Colonel James Fizziwig’s Concealable Ossotronic Disrupter (it’s a Steampunk Blaster that fits nicely in your muff, handbag – or even girdle — in case you were wondering), this bookshop is bound to keep you occupied for quite some time.

Ecclectica Esoteric Books & Curiosities — 631 Boundary Street West End, Brisbane, QLD 4101 (+61 7 3844 1887)

2. Ghost Tours

Brisbane skyline as seen from cemetery

If you’ve set your sights on spotting a spook, a haunted hike through Brisbane’s CBD may be just what the doctor ordered. Ghost Tours is a company whose aim is to offer you a glimpse into Brisbane’s nocturnal ghost activity. Ghost tours and ghost hunts for all ages await to bring out the paranormal in you.

Ghost Tours Pty — +61 7 3344 7265

3. Fly a Jet Airliner

Flight Experience Cockpit Simulator Quirky Things to Do Brisbane Australia

Expand your horizons with some time in a cockpit flight simulator with the folks at Flight Experience. With 180° external visuals that accurately represent the terrain to photo realistic quality, countless flight tracks and routes, and your choice of over 24,000 airports to fly in and out of, the sky’s the limit with this experience.

Flight Experience — Shop 2, 53 Commercial Road, Newstead QLD 4006  (+61 7 3252 7337)

4. Queensland Police Museum

Queensland Police Museum, Quirky things to do in Brisbane, Crime scene investigation, solve a murder

The Queensland Police Museum includes some 25 displays detailing the heritage of the police force, notorious crimes in the Queensland area, and police investigative techniques. Further displays describe the history of police women and the police force’s canine unit. They even have a simulated murder scene for you to get your CSI fix.

Queensland Police Headquarters — 200 Roma Street, Ground Floor, Brisbane QLD 4000 (+61 7 3364 6464)

5. The Loo With a View

Regatta Hotel sign, Brisbane Australia, quirky, unusual, odd, bizaare things to do in Brisbane -- loo with a view

If you’re looking some of the more scenic Brisbane accommodation, the Regatta Hotel will give you plenty to gawk at – it was named to the now infamous list of Loos with a View from Lonely Planet and the BBC a few years back. The men’s room in the hotel sports a urinal with a one-way glass that allows gentleman to take in the views of patrons seated outside. Hotel staff have even been known to clear the washroom so the ladies can get a peek too.

The Regatta Hotel — 543 Coronation Drive, Toowong QLD 4064 (+61 7 3871 9595)

What quirky things to do in Brisbane have you heard of?

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