5 Quirky Things to Do in Costa Brava, Spain

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Unique, Unusual & Offbeat Things to Do in Costa Brava, Spain

Before I visited the Costa Brava region in Spain earlier this year, I had no idea about attractions or activities available — let alone quirky things to do in the area. Luckily there’s plenty of both. Here’s my list of Quirky Things to Do in Costa Brava:

The Dali Triangle


Surrealist painter Salvador Dali spend much of his life in Costa Brava, and his legacy is scattered throughout the region. The Costa Brava Tourism Board even promotes what they dub ‘The Dali Triangle” to visitors. Comprised of the holy Dali trinity of the Theatre-Museum in Figures, the House-Musuem in Portalligat, and Pubol Castle in La Pera, all are must-sees for anyone wanting to see quirkiness at its finest. 

Castellfollit de la Roca



Perched precariously on the cliffs rising above the Fluvia and Toronelli rivers is the postcard-perfect village of Castellfollit de la Roca. It’s one of the smallest towns in Catalonia, but it is also one of the most photographed. With views and cliffs like this it’s fairly easy to see why people say, “It’s is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”

Museu de l’Embotit (Museum of the Sausage)

While you’re in still in Castellfollit de la Roca (and once you’ve recovered from vertigo) head over to Museu de l’Embotit, literally — Museum of the Sausage. The Sala family has been making sausages for 170 years, and has run this quirky museum for the past 20. Tracing the development of sausage making from ancient times to modern-day, the museum aims to enlighten and educate tourists on the process. Museu de l’Embotit is free to enter and there are samples to be had in the museum shop as you exit.

Windoor Realfly


If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of skydiving, but the whole rigamarole of actually getting in and jumping from a plane is not for you, then perhaps a stint in a wind tunnel is the answer. Windoor Realfly in Empuriabrava is where actual skydivers go to practice, and armchair skydivers like me go to mimic the experience. A certified instructor will take you through safety training beforehand, and is with you the entire time in the tunnel.

La Calendula



The thing that makes this eatery in Girona, Spain stand out is that every item on the menu has a floral component. Whether it’s the flower-infused beer made right on site, or the artichoke and prawns with pesto flowers, at La Calendula there’s sure to be something to suit every taste. The restaurant surprised even a fussy eater like me.

Which of these Quirky Things to Do in Costa Brava would you like to experience?

Note: While in Costa Brava I was a guest of CharmingVillas.net, a provider of luxury villa rentals in Spain. All opinions remain my own.

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  1. I would have loved to see Skinny City but I had never heard of it before, even though I spent a year studying in Spain and went all over the place. It’s pretty amazing to realize over and over again that no matter how many things you’ve seen, there’s plenty more all over. Stupid big world.

  2. The Windoor Realfly and the Dali would be my tops. In St. Petersburg Fl there is a Dali Museum that I really enjoy going to so I could only imagine that I would like this place even more. Those homes on the cliff sure a pretty close together.

  3. Me? Try? I’ll go for Windoor Realfly and Calendula. I want to try how to skydive. And I want to eat delicious flowers. 🙂 Now I’m excited to travel to Spain.

  4. This all look like great things to coin Costa Brava that are outside of the typical spectrum of experiences. In September, I’ll be moving to La Rioja, Spain, so I won’t be too far from all of this!


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