5 Quirky Things To Do in Dubai

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Unique, Unusual, & Offbeat Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most unique expatriate cities in the globe. Part Las Vegas, part megalopolis; Dubai features record breaking skyscrapers, a brilliant cityscape, and a variety unusual attractions. So what are the top 5 unusual things to do if you choose to travel to Dubai?

1. Visit the Burj-Al-Arab hotel

Burj Al-Arab hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This Dubai hotel is worth seeing, even if the exorbitant luxury is far beyond what the average globetrotter can afford. Its choreographed lighting is designed to emulate water and fire. It features a Rolls-Royce fleet, a significant step up from the average traveler’s airport shuttle or taxi, and the suites range over two floors. This is the penultimate luxury hotel. Each floor features it’s own reception desk for private and discreet check-in, and it is fully staffed with butlers. Even if the stay is far outside of your price range – check out Travelbag Dubai holidays to get an idea —  this Dubai hotel is certainly worth seeing.

2. Visit the Hydropolis

Hydropilis underwater hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Another Dubai hotel, the Hydropolis offers the illusion of being in Atlantis. It was built by German engineers on the last available piece of beachfront property, and it offers hotels rooms as deep as 20 meters below sea. This Dubai hotel is a fascinating architectural and aesthetic masterpiece, and is certainly worth visiting if you find yourself in Dubai.

3. Play in Dubailand

Dubailand, Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- quirky, odd, unusual, offbeat things to do in Dubai

This mega-park is more like a city inside a city. It is sort of like Dubai’s answer to Disney world, but somehow more epic. It features amusement park rides, sports complexes, hotels, and restaurants, and plans to become the preeminent attraction to families traveling to Dubai. It is estimated that between employees and visitors, at any given time the population of Dubailand is over two million people! Talk about a mega-park.

4. Ski in the desert at Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai features a ski resort that is over twenty thousand square meters. In addition, how is this ski resort located in the desert? Well…it is the largest indoor snow park in the world! It offers 5 different runs in varying difficulties, professional ski instructors, rentals, and even has an adjacent play area for children that is also an indoor snow park. There’s even a luge track. It definitely tops the list of quirky things to do in Dubai.

5. Take a Desert Safari – in a Dune Buggy

Desert Dune buggy tour, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are in the deserts of Dubai because, well, you happen to like the desert, skip the indoor snow park and check out Dubai’s desert safari packages. Complete with desert cookouts and camping with Bedouins, these tours can be a true camping experience. Here you get a taste of Dubai culture in the great outdoors of the desert. You can experience the full Bedouin tradition, plus enjoy riding through the desert on open four wheeled vehicles very similar to dune buggies. With no speed limit and no marked roads, this can be a great experience.

No matter what kind of vacation you are looking for, Dubai can be a great traveling experience. It does not matter if you prefer the city or the great outdoors, desert heat or snowy winters, camping or the highest luxury; Dubai has an attraction for you. Moreover, if you are just looking for a fabulously diverse family vacation, well, Dubai can offer that as well.

What other quirky things to do in Dubai do you know?

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