5 Quirky Things to Do in Maui

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Unique, Unusual & Offbeat Things to do in Maui

Not that anyone really needs any further incentive to visit a paradise like Maui, but if you do, there’s plenty more than beaches, mai-tais, and stunning vistas to keep you occupied — especially if you’re into one-of-a-kind experiences. Here’s my list of quirky things to do in Maui:

Sail in a Traditional Hawaiian Canoe

Hawaiian Traditional Sailing Canoe unique unusual offbeat quirky things to do in Maui Hawaii

Hawaii natives Sage and Liz Spalding are the only ones on Maui to offer sailing trips on a wa’apea — a traditional Hawaiian outrigger canoe. There are only a handful of them still operating in all of Hawaii. Their company called Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventures offers snorkelling and whale watching opportunities during their tours that launch directly in front of the Four Seasons in Wailea. Check out what Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family had to say about the tour on Ellen

See Trash turned into Treasure

Art of Trash sculpture robot head Quirky things to do in Maui
I wrote in greater detail about the Art of Trash in a previous post, but I think a nod to it on a list of Quirky Things to Do in Maui is definitely fitting as well. Everything at this exhibit is made from garbage — garbage that would have otherwise ended up in dump or landfill somewhere. And while it only runs for three weeks of the year, it shows what folks can do if they make a conscious effort to recycle and reuse. Certainly worth a visit if you are in Maui when the exhibit is in progress.

Shop at Endangered Pieces

Endangered Pieces Store Maui

When I first drove by this place, I thought it was a pawn shop for eccentrics. Turns out Endangered Pieces is an upscale furniture boutique (for eccentrics) specializing in antiques and…well, pretty much anything slightly weird. One part vintage and many parts outlandish, it’s worth a visit if only to poke around the overflowing aisles where you can spot everything from mannequins legs to a chandelier once owned by Jackie O.

Tandem Paragliding

View of Maui upcountry from Paraglider

By a mile one of the most fun things I did on Maui was jump off a mountain (and yes, those are my legs.) Proflyght Paragliding is the oldest paragliding operator on Maui, and operates flights most days from Waipoli Flight Park on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala. Maui’s unique and predictable weather (it’s always nice!) makes it the perfect spot for the sport. Even when clouds roll in like the day I was there, it’s still possible to jump off from the lower starting point of 1000 feet (on clearer days you get to go from 3000 feet.)

Get a Traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Travaasa Hana traditional art painting, Maui, Hawaii.

Not so much quirky as it is unique, a Lomilomi Massage is something everyone should try at least once. And I know my way around a massage — I was involved in a car accident many moons ago so have been a regular to massage therapists and chiropractors over the years. But I’ve never really experienced anything like a Lomilomi.

Following the tenets of the traditional master healers of Hawaii, Lomilomi practitioners use rhythmic strokes that are both gentle and deep at the same time, with the aim of restoring harmony and balancing energy. I know that really doesn’t say much, and it’s difficult to describe something that’s simultaneously so relaxing and so invigorating without sounding like too much of a new-agey putz, so I will leave it at that. But trust me, the result is amazing. I had my massage done by Cynthia Johnson at the Spa at Travaasa Hana, and I would go back in a heartbeat.

 Which of these Quirky Things to Do in Maui is your fave?

Note: My trip to Maui was in conjunction with the Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau but they did not ask that I write a favourable review — all opinions are my own.

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  1. What a fun list! Paragliding is my favorite land activity on Maui. The rush of adrenaline and views from the sky are incredible.
    The Hawaiian sailing canoe is fun & educational and gives you such a respect for Hawaiian ancestors.
    And the spa at Travaasa Hana is consistently ranked #1 for a reason. I’m a spa junkie and the Lomi lomi is my all time favorite spa experience.
    Everyone should have these experiences on Maui to enhance their vacations. Thanks Raymond!

  2. The boat tour sounds awesome! Secondly, who am I to pass up an opportunity for a massage. I’m all for a traditional massage, or a massage of any kind for that matter. Great list with some fun sounding things!

  3. I actually got a lomilomi massage here in Shanghai and it felt amazing at the time…but I woke up the next morning and couldn’t move my neck without extreme pain. I best get myself to Maui and try again!

  4. Jackie who? haha sorry, but I do think that shop is worth a visit or two, or three.. I don’t know though if I’d have that courage to do paragliding, it really looks awesome, and would feel really amazing to the highest level, but I think I’d skip to massage. 😛

  5. Quirky indeed, but it seem very interesting place and give different experience than the normal things you do when you are traveling.

  6. I want to glide on the water by sailing smoothly on the traditional Hawaiian canoe. In the air, I want to see the grand beauty of the landscape by paragliding. I really love to take a trip in Hawaii.

  7. Massage techniques usually work only on one level, usually the physical, but I was surprised to find out that Lomi Lomi actually changes the way you breathe or move afterwards.. It´s hard to put into words, but I definitely highly recommend! Might be a bit pricey from my experience, but you will have such a massage buzz that you will hardly remember paying for it. Would be amazing to have the massage in the place of its origin!

  8. The owner of Endangered Pieces (David Ross) sexually harassed me when I went to the Kihei store looking for a coffee table this summer. He told me that he did erotic massage, that men brought their wives to him, and before I could end the conversation mentioned in explicit detail what he did to female genitalia. He then had the nerve to pat my butt as I turned to leave. WIERDO!!!! DO NOT GO INTO THIS STORE UNLESS YOU WANT TO FEEL ASSAULTED.

    Also, Hello: Way to NOT sell a coffee table!


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