5 Quirky Things to do in Orlando

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Unique Attractions & Offbeat Things to do in Orlando

If you’ve finished with the normal Florida theme parks, and are stuck for things to do in Orlando, check out these out-of-the-ordinary, offbeat Orlando attractions.

#1 — The Holy Land Experience

Holy Land Experience -- Moses parts the Red Sea, Quirky Orlando Attractions, Things to do in Orlando, Florida

If your pursuits lean towards the biblical, the Holy Land Experience is where it’s at. Where else can you see Moses part the Red Sea? (It even sprays a cooling mist as you walk through.) You can check in on Jonah inside the whale, whip up some fun at a replica of the Whipping Post where Jesus was scourged, or perhaps post your prayers in a replica of the Wailing Wall. If you get too overwhelmed with the spirit, just enjoy a rest or pray for some patience in the Garden of Gethsemane. You’ll need it for the noise of the next attraction in this list of things to do in Orlando.

#2 — The World’s Largest McDonald’s

World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida Aeroplan -- Quirky Things to do in Orlando, Florida

If you’ve got kids, or even if you’re just a big kid yourself, you can spend hours at the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s. They’ve even got a ticket booth inside that sells Universal Studio tickets Florida and other theme park admission tickets, just in case that Happy Meal won’t satisfy those kids of yours. It’s very close to all the main theme park Orlando hotels, and the entire second floor is dedicated to midway-type games of chance and the World’s Largest PlayPlace. Plus I think they have food there too.

#3 — American Ghost Investigations

American Ghost Adventures, Orlando, Florida - Aeroplan - Quirky Things to do in Orlando

If you’re disappointed in Disney World’s Haunted Mansion, why not check out the real deal? American Ghost Adventures offers up a ghoulishly good time as you hunt for spirits in some of the finest old Florida hotels Orlando has to offer. The first hour of their tour takes you through the streets of old Orlando as your guide points out haunted hotspots. The second hour you are equipped with an EMF detector to check out electromagnetic anomalies in some of the older buildings. Plus they also offer a Haunted Bar Tour if you like your spirits in liquid form instead. 

#4 – Wonderworks

Wonderworks upside down building, Quirky Things to do in Orlando, Florida

Get your geek on at Wonderworks – the only upside-down building in the heart of Orlando. You can even go upside-down yourself in the Inversion Tunnel, or choose your catastrophe in their Disaster Zone –shake thing ups in a re-creation of the San Francisco Earthquake or get sucked into 71mph winds at Hurricane Hole. If you need some rest, then take your chances on their Bed of Nails. You’ll need that rest if you decide to try the last thing on this list of…

Quirky Things to do in Orlando #5 – iFLY Orlando

iFLY Orlando indoor skydiving, vertical wind tunnel -- Quirky things to do in Orlando, Florida

Ever wanted to experience skydiving, but didn’t want the hassle of, oh let’s say, getting into a plane? Or even strapping yourself into a parachute? Then you may want to make your way over to iFLY Orlando and into their vertical wind tunnel. It’s a gum-flapping, gob-smacking good time.

What other quirky things to do in Orlando have you experienced?

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