5 Quirky Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

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Unique, Unusual, and Offbeat Things to Do in Sydney

For many people, a vacation to Sydney, Australia is one that is very high on the bucket list. It’s one of the greatest cities in the world, but its location makes it a place that isn’t all that easy to get to for a large percentage of the world’s population. Those that do make it to Sydney tend to fall into the trap of just seeing all the major attractions that have appeared on TV and in travel magazines for years. That’s not necessarily an egregious error, but it does mean that they will be missing out on some of the more quirky sights that Sydney has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the things that the owners of your accommodation in Sydney might not necessarily tell you about.

1. Tank Stream Tours

Tank Stream Tours Australia - unique unusual offbeat and quirky things to do in Sydney

All of the famous structures that Sydney has to offer are located above ground, but there is a part of the city you will never see unless you want to get your hands a little dirty. The Tanks Stream Tour takes you below street level and onto a guided tour of the old sewer system. What may sound a little nasty is actually very informative, explaining why the city as we know it today is located where it is.

2. Crossing The Harbour Bridge

Syndey Harbour Bridge climb at sunset

Anyone can cross this iconic structure by car, but what about doing it by foot? That might not sound to quirky either, but it does get interesting when going by foot means actually walking up and over the steel arch that crosses the bridge. The view from the top is definitely stunning, but is not the best view for those that are a little afraid of heights.

3. Sleep With The Animals

Giraffe at Taronga Zoo in front of Sydney Opera House

Have you ever gone to the zoo, only to be disappointed to discover that a bunch of the animals are asleep as you tour the place? Well, now you can get your revenge by taking advantage of the “Roar and Snore” at the Taronga Zoo. While not among the 5-star accommodations Sydney, it’s still a comfortable night with the animals. You’ll get a nice tent, a roast dinner, and a refreshing morning shower to wash away any animal smells that may have invaded your person.

4. Dinner With Ghosts

Old Government House Sydney Australia

Many cities now offer a ghost tour among their attractions, but there aren’t very many that let you dine with the ghostly inhabitants. That’s exactly what you get if you choose to take the haunted tour at Old Government House. You will hear the tales of ghostly goings on as you walk through the eerie hallways, before sitting down to a light supper that may or may not have spirits served with the meal.

5. Biker Chauffeur

Harley Davidson motorbike

There are many different ways to get around the city, but perhaps none as fun as in the sidecar of a Harley Davidson. Several of the groups that put on the Harley Davidson Tours have a number of different excursions to suit just about every taste. You can see the sights, hit the country, or strap yourself in for a pub crawl that hits all the cool hot spots.

What quirky things to do in Sydney do you know of?

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  1. Yes I do,anything for off beat activity suppose , i will get a chance for OZ. I love most probably all the places. OZ one of the best travel country in this world.
    my fav one is Biker Chauffeur. i love riding bike.


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