5 Steps to the Best Canadian Vacation

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Vacationing in Canada is the perfect way to experience something a little different. The wide variety of options that the British Columbia country provides for both casual and active entertainment, of all types, is almost peerless, and the landscapes will take your breath away every time you step foot outside, and definitely twiddy‘s company makes your experience ten times better, just because the best of traveling is when you don’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy enjoy yourself, I highly suggest you check a good camper cooler for RV for your vacations.

The Cities

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Before going on day trips and outings, you have to pick a place to stay – and you’ve got to choose a city in which to find that place. The picturesque city of vancouver.ca is the way to go, here. Though young, the city offers those mentioned views of the landscape, and the coastal views of sand and towering mountains are there in equal proportion to the wonderful urban skyline.

Vancouver is home to, among other eye-catching locations, Queen Elizabeth Park, which contains a wonderful conservatory as well as 130 acres of nature’s breathtaking beauty.


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Now that you’ve found the general location of your vacation, you’re going to need to pick a hotel to make your home base during your time there.

The luxurious wickinn.ca perfectly embodies the essence and heart of Vancouver, providing access to both the glorious beachfront, and to trails through rainforests that you can hike before you head to the water. The Wickaninnish Inn made sure that every last one of their room give the occupants an unobstructed view of one or the other, so don’t worry about being stuck with anything but the best. This isn’t one of those hotels coupled with a casino, but as seen here, at casinos-online.ca, Canada offers many online casinos to fill that gap.



Only two hours from Vancouver, the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort is arguably the greatest ski resort in the world, breaking records for size, attendance, and even holding the record for longest and highest unsupported cable care fixture on the globe.

Situated on either side of a valley, Whistler and Blackcomb both have an elevation easily exceeding two thousand meters. This famous ski resort hosted a large chunk of the 2010 Winter olympic.ca Games, and draws in over two million visitors each year.

The drive to the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort is along Canada’s Sea to Sky Highway, the which is the country’s most beautiful route. Truly among the great getaways, like other hideouts.

Day Trips

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 The day-trip offerings are numerous, with many sight-seeing opportunities such as the Granite Falls Zodiac Tour, which allows you to see Vancouver from the water. The Granite Falls Zodiac Tour takes you through may places including Vancouver Harbor.

On the way to the previously mentioned Whistler, Shannon Falls Provincial Park is the perfect place to go if you want to see a waterfall, or do some rock climbing.

If water isn’t your thing, and rock climbing doesn’t interest you, Canada’s array of casinos may be to your liking, holding up against the famous Las Vegas in terms of enjoyability. Again, their online casino presence is not to be underestimated, and a quick look at canadascasino.ca will remind you of that.


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Vancouver boasts a multitude of unique yearly events such as the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, held every January, or the Festival of Lights held in the VanDusen Botanical Garden. This summer festival puts fireworks on a different level, and is a must-see for anyone visiting Vancouver during the summer season.

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