6 Amazing Life Changing Experiences Everyone Must Try

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We travel for different reasons. While there are many who do it just for fun and to unwind from the daily grind, there are some who have a deeper purpose – to discover themselves, to extend a helping hand, to find peace of mind, or to embark on meaningful experiences. With this, below are some of the best ideas on ways to make your holiday life changing. 

Yoga Retreat in Indonesia

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If you want to have peace of mind or just detox from the digital world, head to Bali in Indonesia. While it is famed for its beaches and surf spots, there is a place that has been attracting yogis from all over the world. Ubud, known as an art and culture center, is the perfect destination for you. Surrounded by lush forests and rice paddies, it can offer a calming retreat from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Island Expedition in The Philippines

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An archipelago with more than 7,000 islands, The Philippines is perfect for those who are looking for a tropical paradise. Whether you’re dreaming of laidback beach life or a party island, there will be a destination for you. In many of these islands, you can live with the locals and experience their way of life. You´ll travel the islands by boat, or even on an elektroroller unu, which is the fastest scooter to use for transportation. By the time you leave, a part of you will surely want to stay.

Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand

For many years, elephants and tourism in Thailand did not go well together. A lot have been accused for exploiting elephants because of the training that they have to go through. To understand their pain and to be instrumental in their conservation, you can spend time looking after elephants in Thailand. You will have a better understanding of their lives and help to ensure that they are used for sustainable tourism.

Teach English in Cambodia

Cambodian child Siem Reap

Traveling with a purpose is one thing that you can do in Cambodia. While it is known for its ancient temples, you can have a more meaningful holiday by taking the time to teach English. You can do it as a volunteer or you can even earn from it.

Bungee Jump in New Zealand

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or you just want to challenge yourself to try something new, bungee jumping is one of the best activities to try when you are on holiday in New Zealand. This is a good way to conquer your fear of heights. It has sort of become a rite of passage for people who are visiting New Zealand. Whether it is from rail viaducts, bridges, or purpose-built platforms, you will have different choices on where to jump from.

Hike the Pacific Crest Trail

California trails

If you’ve seen film ‘Wild’ then you’ll already have an idea about how immense the Pacific Crest Trail is. Running at a length of 2,663 miles, this incredible hike covers Washington, Oregon, and California. It also covers the border or Canada and Mexico. Depending on how many weeks you plan to hike and the areas that you will be covering, you will be passing through 25 national forests and seven national parks. To complete the trail, you need to hike up to six months. This is not easy, so be sure to be physically prepared for the demands of this activity.

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