6 Battery Saver Tips to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

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Battery Saver Tips

One thing that really bites about travelling with your smartphone is how quickly the battery gets drained. Call it Murphy’s Law, but it’s usually when you need your phone the most that the battery level is at its lowest. Next time you’re on the road (or even at home), use these battery saver tips to get the most out of your smartphone.

Download a Battery Saver app

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One easy way to get more life out of your mobile phone’s battery is to download a battery saver app. DU Battery Saver is an excellent choice if you’re on Android. It’s a free app and automatically searches for battery abusers, suggesting which apps to disable that are constantly draining your phone’s battery life (surprise, surprise — Facebook is usually among the biggest battery hungry culprits.) The app can help you extend your phone’s battery life by up to 60%. You can download DU Battery Saver here: bit.ly/DUBatterySaver1

Turn Off Wi-Fi

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If you’re not actually using Wi-Fi, then why are you searching for it? When Wi-Fi is enabled on your phone it is constantly draining precious battery life looking for a connection. Shut it down when you don’t need it and you are automatically extending your phone’s battery life.

Turn Off Bluetooth

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Bluetooth is one of my phone’s functions that I rarely use, but I notice that sometimes when I restart my phone it automatically starts back up again (okay and maybe I accidentally turn it on from time-to-time too.) Make sure it’s off if you’re not using it.

Turn Off Your Phone

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Here’s something that most people don’t think of — turn off your phone when you’re not using it. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to have our phones on and at the ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Really though, especially for travellers, there are only certain times of the day when you’d need to have your phone up and running. I mean, when was the last time you actually received a phone call? Turn if off until you really need to use it.

Switch to Airplane Mode

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If you’re like me, and your phone is not the latest and greatest, your phone might take a while to start up if you have switched it off and need to turn it on again. Instead of shutting the phone down completely, just switch it over to airplane mode to save on battery life. It’s much easier, and a heck of a lot faster, to turn airplane mode off then starting it up from scratch. This is also a great hack when you need to charge your phone — it’s going to charge much quicker when it’s in airplane mode than if you have Wi-Fi, data, and all of the other phone’s capabilities enabled.

Clean Up Your Phone

Du Speed Booster App

The idea behind this battery saver tip is simple — if you’re running is running at optimal speed, it’s going to run faster and use fewer resources, therefore saving on your phone’s battery life as well. If you’re on Android, the same folks who make DU Battery Saver also make DU Speed Booster. It’s designed to clear your phone’s cache, free up storage space, and clean up other apps bogging down your phone’s memory. Maker Du Group (http://bit.ly/1SdMp1t) claims that the app will boost the speed of your phone by up to 60%. You can download DU Speed Booster  here:  http://bit.ly/DUSpeedBooster1

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What battery saver tips do you have?

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