8 Easy Tips to Curb Your Travel Spending

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As fantastic as travelling is, it can also be pricey. Or not. If we carefully plan and think about where and when we are going it can be done cheaply. As a wise man once said “fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. Follow these fool proof tips and save yourself a few quid on your travels.

Return Trips

All Nippon Airways Star Wars R2D2 plane

Before you jet set anywhere book your return flights, preferably from the same airport you arrive into as it will be considerably cheaper than a one-way trip. It can also be cheaper to fly from the same airport. Consider a connecting flight, yes they can be painful and boring but they can potentially save you heaps of money.

Travel light

Always weigh your luggage before you go anywhere.

Nothing worse than being charged for overweight luggage at the airport especially at the end of your holiday when you’ve spent all your hard-earnt cash. Nowadays airports are charging for everything especially if you have more than one bag or have an oversized bag etc. One way to avoid baggage fees is to send it home? You can use delivery comparison sites like Shiply to find cheap parcel couriers.

Avoid Peak Season

Choose the time of year you travel wisely and travel at the cheapest times. Not only will this save you money but it will be more comfortable when you are there (fewer crowds). Most hotels and airlines will do off-peak sales so bargains can be had.

Plan Your Meals

Fresh fruit and vegetables at St Laurence Market Toronto Canada

Don’t just do this when you are travelling but do it at home as well. This will save you money that you can spend on your trip instead. When you’re away it’s always much cheaper to cook for yourself than to eat out and you get to experience a foreign supermarket (always fun).

If you are staying in a hotel avoid the pricey breakfasts and instead try to find local cafes and soak up some culture.

Currency Exchange

Be careful with currency exchange as most exchange centres will have high commission rates. Research the country you are going to, check forums etc. Sometimes it is cheaper to use an ATM when you are abroad or to get money in the airport etc.

Travel Apps

Your smartphone is your best friend when travelling. There are so many clever apps you can download for each country you are travelling to. The best one of course is Airbnb if you need to book cheap accommodation. And of course, Google maps.  You can also download public transport maps etc.

Budget Hotels

Generic hotel room

No need for frills. If you know you will be out all day sightseeing and exploring all you need is a bed and a shower so cut down on the thrills. Budget hotels are also great for stopovers.


Walk everywhere. It is the best way to see and explore any new city and it will keep you fit and healthy while you are travelling. And of course, it will save you money on public transport.

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