9 Healthy Snacks You Should Carry When Travelling

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Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Whether you’re taking a jet plane to a faraway place or a road trip to the Rocky Mountains, it’s important to pack healthy snacks that’ll keep you and your buddies nourished. Instead of randomly buying something, preparing healthy snacks ahead of time saves you from overspending and ensures that you meet your dietary needs!

In order for you to stick to healthy eating practices, it’s also important to follow certain tips such as getting your food ready ahead of time, having a treat once in a while, and eating snacks that are high in fiber and low in sugar.

Want some quick, easy-to-prepare ideas for nutrient-rich foods and beverages to bring on your journey? Here are 9 great options.

For Powering Up Weight Loss While Satisfying Cravings

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A.  Kale Chips – Kale chips can be the perfect alternative to high-sodium, high-calorie potato chips that taste superb and are crunchy. If you’re a fitness enthusiast and want to avoid consuming extra calories and gaining weight while traveling, you can prepare and eat as many kale chips as you like without having to worry. This snack is rich in vitamin K and antioxidants to promote bone health and prevent disease.

 B.  Low-Sodium Jerky – A single pack of beef jerky can provide you with 60 calories, 10 grams of protein, and 1 gram of carbohydrates. Its high protein content can help you feel fuller longer, which makes this portable snack a great choice for hiking and camping. If you can’t prepare your jerky ahead of time, buy an organic pack that’s sweetened with natural ingredients like honey.

 C.  Pumpkin Seeds – Containing high amounts of omega-3, vitamin C, and zinc, pumpkin seeds take longer to digest thus keeping you satiated for hours. Your blood sugar levels stabilize and this prevents you from having unnecessary cravings that lead to excessive snacking. And what’s even better about pumpkin seeds is that they contain 19 grams of protein that helps build muscle mass.

For Giving You Extra Power to Engage in Strenuous Activities

A.  Hard Boiled Eggs – A huge benefit of hard boiled eggs for traveling is their ability to provide you with a sustained and steady energy. Their high levels of folate, vitamin B12, and riboflavin contribute to energy production. If you’re planning to engage in outdoor activities like kayaking and rock climbing, hard boiled eggs will supply you with extra muscle strength and endurance

B.  Bananas –  Low in calories and rich in healthy carbohydrates, bananas are easily digested by your body – a factor that gives you a quick energy boost. So before you’re going to engage in a strenuous activity outdoors, fill yourself up with bananas! To prevent your energy from dwindling faster, pair them with a protein-rich peanut butter spread.

C,  Oranges – Oranges are rich in vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that contributes to the formation of amino acids in your body. Amino acids serve as predecessors to chemicals that are responsible for energy production. And since vitamin C in oranges helps boost your immune system, it’s no secret that staying disease-free while you travel increases your physical performance especially during long hikes!

For Keeping You in a Positive Mood During Your Entire Trip

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A. Apple Smoothie – Jam-packed with Quercetin and vitamin C, apple smoothie as a travel beverage fuels your brain’s neurotransmitters and lowers your stress and anxiety levels. This refreshing drink keeps your cool while waiting for your next flight or sitting in a noisy, crowded bus! To prepare a delicious apple smoothie, simply blend together apple slices, almonds, yogurt, milk, and honey. Store it in a leak-proof travel jar.\

B.  Dark Chocolate – Want a travel snack that keeps you happy and is way better than milk chocolate? Choose dark chocolate. It contains mood-boosting substances that include tryptophan, caffeine, magnesium, and tyramine. The cocoa content in dark chocolate contributes to its darker color. Cocoa works by increasing blood flow to your brain, helping you stay alert, calm, and happy.C.  Chickpeas –  A vegan-friendly snack that’s perfect for trips, chickpeas are high in insoluble fiber and protein that regulate your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are stable, so is your mood. As a result, you’ll have fewer mood swings and anxiety as well as a healthier brain function. Chickpeas are also rich in vitamin B6 that produces serotonin and dopamine in your brain which are neurotransmitters that contribute to positive feelings.

There you have it – a list of healthy snacks to pack wherever you go that offer you a ton of benefits! Do you have more options to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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