From Cranes to Caves: Unique Accommodations to Live Like an Eccentric

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Unusual, Offbeat & Unique Accommodations

When the folks at came calling and asked if I’d poke around their website for unique accommodations, well, poke I did. And I found oodles.

Their motto is “Live Like a Local”, but it could quite easily be “Live Like an Eccentric” as well. Here are some of their oddball offerings as proof:

Hotel in a Suitcase

Suitcase hotel, Lunzenau, Germany -- Unusual and unique accommodations

I’ve heard of living life out of a suitcase, but never quite living life in one. The Hotel in a Suitcase in Luzenau, Germany is the brainchild of a retired rail worker and is suitably situated next to a railway museum. So I guess this is what they do with left luggage.

Railway Car Hotel

Railway Train Car accommodation, Merzen, Germany

If the Railway Museum suitcase wasn’t enough to wet your railroad whistle, then maybe a stop at the Railway Wagon Hotel just down the line in Merzen, Germany is the ticket. You can ride the rails here starting at $101 USD a night. Well, since it doesn’t actually go anywhere, it’s more like sleeping in a train station. And who hasn’t dreamt about that at least once?

Harbour Crane

Harlingen Harbour Crane hotel, Netherlands

If you harbour a fear of heights, you might want to skip this unusual accommodation – a crane on the pier in Harlingen, Netherlands. Restored in 2003, it took the proprietor two years to convert it to a machine more befitting slumber than lumber. It’s not the owner’s first foray into unique accommodations though – a lighthouse and a lifeboat along the wharf are also available to rent for the night.Harlingen Harbour Crane hotel room, Netherlands

Gypsy Caravan

Authentic Gypsy Vardo Caravan

Even the Romany don’t roam all the time. This Gypsy Caravan, or Vardo, was brought to Ploemel, France from Romania. The description on Wimdu’s site goes on to add, “In keeping with the natural atmosphere, you will have use of a dry toilet and Mongolian sink.” 

You had me at dry toilet.

TeePee in Hong Kong

Palm Beach TeePee, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Probably thinking kemosabe was Asian sounding enough that they could get away with it, some entrepreneurial Hong Kong natives pitched some TeePees on Lantau Island and starting charging for the night. The result – Wigwams Without Borders. 

Underground Mine

Sala Silver Mine,, Sweden -- World's Deepest Hotel Room

At 155 metres below the earth, this converted silver mine in Sala, Sweden is billed as the World’s Deepest Hotel Room. And the much less sexy World’s Most Likely Hotel to Get Trapped In.

Bethlehem Cave

Cave hotel in Bethleham

Don’t fret if there’s no room at the Inn, you can be a modern-day cavemen (or give birth to one) at this unique accommodation in Bethlehem. No word if frankincense or myrrh can be considered forms of payment.

What unique accommodations have you stayed in?

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  1. Containers are interesting ideas and folks make entire houses of them but it would definitely depend on the weather. Could be hot in many places. Ouch!

    Always wanted to check out the ice hotel

  2. We use wimdu quite a bit, they have some wicked apartments. I like the crane one – although Cole would hate it as he is scared of heights 🙂

  3. You know, I wonder what kind of person would want to live in any of these options? I could see the novelty for a day or two. I’d be willing to try the mine.


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