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Been a little sidetracked lately. My day job has been spilling over into the night, so posts here have not been as timely as I would like. In any event, we have a winner in the “Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown” that I’ve been blogging on about the past few weeks.  And the winner is 127 Hours!  That was about as long as the Academy Awards presentation seemed this year too.  James Franco looked like he would rather have been still trapped under that rock. 

But I digress, so here are the details of the poll by the numbers:

Grand total of votes:  13 (Woohoo! I have 13 readers!!)

Movie   Number of Votes Percentage   
127 Hours 5 38.46%
The King’s Speech 3 23.08%
True Grit 2 15.38%
Inception 1 7.69%
Winter’s Bone 1 7.69%
The Fighter 1 7.69%
The Kids Are Alright 0 0%
The Social Network 0 0%
Black Swan 0 0%

 Come back next year and I’ll be doing it all again.  Please?  :>)



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