Awesome Destinations for Your Hen or Stag in Europe

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Should you be organising a friend’s final weekend of freedom (or even your own), you obviously want it to be the best weekend to date. Europe is the best place to go! Let your hair down or go completely wild; Europe is home to the greatest destinations, so get inspired and start to plan it or find a company like that can organize the ultimate hen or stag weekend for you!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Hungary at Night

This is definitely one of those cities you just have to visit at some point in your lifetime. You’ll regret it if you don’t! From backpackers’ stories, you should know by now that Budapest is a gold mine for awe-inspiring Baroque buildings and attraction after attraction. Its nightlife isn’t so bad either, with plenty of chances for you and your friends to go exploring the city at night. The perfect destination for a beer-soaked hen or stag!

Marbella, Puerto Banús

Marbella Spain harbour at night

Marbella is party central, as you all know from the hit TV series, ‘The Only Way is Essex’. Popular for its night clubs and pool parties, there is plenty of other activities to get stuck into. We love Marbella. Not just for the luxury party scene, but for the luxury yachts, the spa culture and the beautiful white view of the town. Marbella is the perfect hen and stag destination; while the beaches are perfect to relax and the spas here are wonderful, when the day comes to an end, Marbella sure does know how to party!

Krakow, Poland

Krakow Poland at night

Amongst Poland’s many great cities, Krakow stands out for being one of the ultimate destinations for a hen or stag weekend. Trendy bars and clubs lurk on every street, so you can guarantee you’ll have a booze-fest! Not so keen on the idea of getting too drunk? Why not spice things up with a day of paintballing, or even better, entering a strip club or two? I bet your History teachers never taught you about this side of Krakow!

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic at night

Prague is a city that seems to have jumped straight out of one of Walt Disney’s creations! History and culture surrounds you, not to mention the tourist population (Prague seems to be the favoured place for back-packers). Once the city’s nightlife awakes, Prague transforms into a completely unrecognisable place! This is the time when all the booze, strippers and bars come out to play. Worried about those sleazy drunks? Why not hit up a gay bar or two – home to awesome music and great people you can have a good laugh with.

Split, Croatia

Split Croatia at night

Even in the hustle and bustle of the town centre, Split has a very laid-back and cool atmosphere. It is jam-packed with fantastic scenery – we’re talking nature, as well as the beautiful Croatians! Fancy a night out on the town? Split is the place to be. Don’t fancy a night out on the town? Again, Split is the place to be; have a wonder along the pier and take in the sights of the crystal clear water below your feet.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia Spain at night

ATTENTION ALL HENS AND STAGS! The Flamenco dancers are calling and the bull-fighters are beckoning. It is time for the weekend of a lifetime! Although only the second most popular city in Spain, Valencia is fantastic its own right. Blue skies and hot bods in bikinis and trunks await with open arms, ready to take you on a journey not to be forgotten. There is nothing better than taking on an activity that you wouldn’t get in Liverpool (we could have said anywhere – sorry Liverpool!)

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Germany at night

You don’t have to be a lover of beer to love Berlin, but boy does it help! Never mind New York, Berlin is the true city that never sleeps. Known by millions for being one of the most free-spirited and liberal cities on Earth, the parties here hardly ever stop. You’ll probably see loads of other hens and stags all over the place, so you’ll definitely be in good company as you head out to take over the streets!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Canal

Amsterdam is the master of all hen/stag locations, there is absolutely no doubt about that! Spend a relaxed day in some of their amazing coffee shops, then party all night in the sinful clubs of the Red Light District.  No matter how hard you go, you’ll find it a challenge to keep up with the locals on your big night out! Amsterdam is the city where anything goes… Come and see for yourself!

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Romania at night

Destined to be the next big hot spot for hen and stag weekends, you’ll be certain to find cheap flights and even cheaper drinks in Bucharest. Deemed as the ‘Paris of the East’, the capital of Romania is the ideal place for an adventurous hen or stag party; especially with its magnificent museums and beautiful boulevards, an up-and-coming cultural scene, fascinating architecture, and a vibrant history.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk Poland at night

Gdansk has already been taken over by stag parties, but it is quickly becoming a hot spot for hens thanks to its alluring architecture and compelling history as well as the vodka tasting experiences, cheap beer, luxurious spa packages, and some seriously swanky nightclubs.  Perfect for those who don’t want to venture too far, Gdansk is only a 2-hour flight away!

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