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Food is arguably our most important ‘fuel source’ that we consume on a daily basis – it keeps us going and provides us with energy, particularly when we need it the most. However, although food and eating are necessities, it isn’t always an aesthetically pleasing experience, especially for those ‘boring foods’ that we’ll do just about anything to avoid having. In an attempt to make our food more appealing to our delicate pallets, professional chefs, parents, and the rest of the general public have come up with creative means of decorating, and therefore making their food fun.

To celebrate all types of creativity in the kitchen, we’ve decided to put together a rundown of some of the best culinary delights.

Strawberry Ice

This little number is such an easy one to enjoy because it requires no true artistry within the kitchen. If you dislike the tasteless flavour of ice cubes in your drinks, you can add something extra by freezing half a strawberry with either water or a fruit juice of your choice. This way you inject some flavour into the most mundane of drinks, making it ideal for you to get your maximum water intake – some of us are awkward, and water doesn’t always appeal!

Watermelon Hearts

Hairy Sausages

Yes, you read it right: hairy sausages. No, we haven’t lost our minds, it’s just a cool way to make food time for your little ones (and yourselves) much more exciting. Basically you stick loads of spaghetti through the hot dog, and then cook it, it’s that simple. Once it’s been boiled you’ll have a complete meal in one simple motion, no experience needed.

Hairy sausages

The Casino Chip

Celebrating National Burger Month a little with an accompanying casino chip. It’s a really easy way to show your love for a great side dish, and gaming (who doesn’t love chips and gaming?!). The simple recipe uses sweet and white potatoes, a little bit of oil and a sprinkling of pepper and salt. It’s ingenious!

Casino chips

Easy Peasy Cheese Sticks

Ever fancied cheese sticks and just not hand any to hand? Well, actually, you might have had the solution available all along. Take off all the crusts, place a slice of cheese, roll the bread up, and then lightly fry them until they’re browned off and the cheese melted.

Easy Peasy Cheese Sticks

Pancake Pops

Pancakes are so tasty and simple to make, but sometimes you just don’t want to eat a whole one (a lie we all tell ourselves). This creative idea allows you to make little pancake pops on a stick, meaning you can enjoy them while on the move. Place some sticks into pancake batter, and then lightly oven cook until perfect.

Pancake pops 1

Pancake pops 2

Cooking doesn’t always feel fun, but with these helpful tips and ideas we think anyone can enjoy cooking, even if you’ve hated it beforehand. 

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