Best destinations for adventure holidays in 2017

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Adventure holidays have become extremely popular in the recent years. Many people, mostly the Millennials which is the biggest generation of the United States, beating out Baby Boomers, have the spending money and the desire to explore the world in a more authentic and rewarding manner. These adventure seekers are going on holidays that are novel, trendy and a discovery. There is no doubt that climbing mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania has for long topped the list, but we’ve selected a few more destinations:


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This year it is no different than any other year, only that flight bookings are on the rise. People are flocking to the best spots to have that stellar adventure holidays. Here is the list of the top seven destinations where you should go and take your Instagram selfies.

1. Vietnam

The far-east has always had its charm, but now Vietnam is drawing in the adventure tourists. The best way to discover this beautiful country is through cycling. Located in South East Asia, you can immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture from exploring the coastal regions. Begin your cycle trip in the highland town of Dalat. Cycle leisurely for around a week along the coast until you get to the heritage town of Hoi An. You will discover pine forests and sleepy fishing villages during your trip.

2. Canada

Since 1 July 2017 Canada has been celebrating its 150th birthday. To celebrate this milestone, entry to any of the 200 National Parks are free, throughout 2017. Best of all, 47 of these parks are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You can enjoy the unspoiled forests, isolated islands, snow-capped peaks and labyrinthine coastline. A big draw for adventure tourists are the recreational trails. And Canada isn’t shy, it boasts the world’s longest network of recreational trails.

3. Choquequirao, Peru

As the sister city of Machu Picchu, Choquequirao is now the place to go to. Unlike its sister city, this is one of the remotest of the Inca ruins in the Peruvian Andes. The city is lays hidden in the deep Apurimac Valley. The ruins are still well-preserved. Around two-thirds are still covered by the rain forests of Peru. This makes the site a true lost city.

4. Nepal

Nestled in the Himalaya, Nepal is rich in many things. Ranging from the highest mountains, villages with people whose gentle culture will capture your heart.  This area is ideal for trekkers and mountain climbers. Best explored from the Annapurna Region and its lush foothills to the edge of Mount Everest.

You can go on a five-month trek of the Great Himalaya Trail, Traverse, or you can climb Mera Peak, Island Peak or Lobuche East. Either way, just going to Nepal will help the tourists and the people to recover after the 2015 earthquake.

5. Ladakh

Ladakh or the little Tibet means the ‘land of the high passes’. Located in northern India, the countryside is surrounded by mountain ranges that tower over you. In between are river valleys and high plateaus. The area is remote and home to the Ladakh culture, which is derived from Tibetan Buddhism. You can view monasteries from the 13th century found in most of the villages all over Ladakh.

Besides the culture, you can see wildlife as you trek through the area. Animals like the Blue Sheep, Ibex, wild yaks, some wolves, chukors and the Golden Eagle and the Iammergier have been spotted in this region. If you look careful, you might even spot the Snow Leopard during the winter months.

6. Oman


This small country, that once had power over the regions of the Arabia and as so far as India and East Africa, is still a place filled with dramatic landscapes and a rich culture. The country prides itself on its trading post. Today it is a progressive nation, but unlike its flashy neighbors it is humble, offering tourists charming low-rise towns and friendly people. This is a place to visit before the modern hotel groups take over and ruin the charm of this gorgeous state.

7. Iran

This country has a proud 7 000 year old history, and was once the seat of the Persian Empire. Beyond the capital of Tehran, are Shiraz the birthplace of the well-known Poets Tombs, and Yazd the second oldest city in the world. But there is also Isfahan, which is known for its ancient mosques, bridges and tree-lined avenues.

More than the history of Iran, you can discover the food at this place a culinary paradise. But if you want to be more active, you can climb the peak of Mount Damavand. Poets have written about this mountain and it has become the symbol of resistance to foreign rule.

These are the best places for your adventure holiday in 2017. Go and create your adventure in these wonderful places.

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