Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #2: Black Swan

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Black Swan

Natalie Portman, you black Black Swan you — where do I begin?  Darren Aronofsky’s psychological drama of an aging ballerina making one final stab at claiming the limelight is a mind-freak extradordinaire.  Say what you want about Natalie Portman, but in this flick, bitch delivers.  And yes, considering her competition, she will probably win Best Actress.

Alas, that is not the category we are considering here.  It’s about location, location, location.  Filmed in New York, and almost entirely at the Performing Arts Center of SUNY Purchase it’s a drama that takes place in the mind, and unfortunately, mostly indoors. For “Best Location” consideration, that does not help the cause.  So I present to you, the particulars for your voting consideration…

Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #2: Black Swan

Primary Location: New York, New York

Prettiness Factor: Pretty low.  Dark sets, shady subways, and a lot of dressing rooms dominate screeen time. There are very few glimpses of the actual city.  But then again, this is New York — the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.  Natalie Portman, (and Darren Aronofsky) there’s nothing you can’t do.

Further Resources: — interview with Aronofsky and Portman. She calls pointe shoes torture devices.  He likes to scare method actors. Good reading.
Black Swan— the movie
Black Swan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) — if your musical tastes tend to the dramatic, check out the soundtrack. “A Swan is Born” is great for doing the vacuuming.
Performing Arts Center of SUNY Purchase — in the event you would like to become a lord or lady of the dance, check out their programs.
IMDB – filled with juicy Black Swan goodies, like this little nugget — No ballet company picks a single ballerina for the principal role. Injuries are too commonplace, and the dancers cannot dance lead roles on consecutive nights.

And of course, the trailer…

Don’t forget to vote!

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