Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #4: Inception

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Inception Movie

Hmmm.  I think somone must have slipped something into my popcorn.  I was even considering submitting to a urine test.  Because boy, was this flick trippy.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it.  But I may need to see it again just to be sure.

Christopher Nolan’s tale of dream invaders with a high-tech heist in mind is a trip.  And a trip around the world.  Multiple locations make this film hard to pin down just one for the voting here.  So I’m classifying this as a Round-the-World trip.

With that in mind, here’s the showdown lowdown…

Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #4: Inception

Primary Locations: Paris, Tokyo, Morocco, and soundstages in London and Los Angeles.  And who can forget those winter scenes?  They were filmed at an old abandoned ski resort in Alberta, Canada, not too far from where I live.

Prettiness Factor: Off the charts.  While it’s hard to tell sometimes the computer-generated from the real, the end result is stunning.  And it’s hard to argue with that.

Further Resources:

Garrett on the Road — if you’re serious about movie locations, and this guy is, check out Jerry Garrett’s blog.  Makes me realize what an amateur I really am. — if you’re serious about Christopher Nolan on the other hand, then check out this site.
Vagabond Roots — Planning a round-the-world trip yourself?  Check out Catia’s excellent list here.
Inception (Two-Disc Edition) [Blu-ray] — the movie
IMDB – I love move trivia!  And IMDB never fails.  For example, James Franco was in talks to play the role of Arthur, but was unable to because of scheduling conflicts.  That role of course eventually went to Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

And of course, the trailer…

So if you liked the locations in the movie, don’t forget to vote in the poll…

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