Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #5: The Kids are All Right

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I should have liked this movie more than I actually did.  I mean, it had Julianne Moore for crying out loud.  And Annette Bening?  She does do a stellar turn as an angry lesbian here, complete with a tart, wine-tinged tongue.  Almost makes up for “Mars Attacks! ”  Mark Ruffalo rounds out the cast.

The tale goes a little something like this:  The bubble of a lesbian couple is burst when one of their two kids tracks down the sperm donor who made it all possible.  Hijinks, laughter, and tears ensue. Premise is good, delivery is “meh”.

It reminded me more of a movie-of-the-week.  Maybe had it been on HBO I would have been less harsh.  But this is Oscar territory we’re treading here.  And there shall be no mercy.  Even for the most politically correct movie in the running.

Casting the story aside, we’re focusing on location here, so here we go…

Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #5: The Kids are All Right

Primary Location: Los Angeles.

Prettiness Factor: Medium-rare.  Mostly backyards and dinner tables really.  Very few glimpses of the city.

Further Resources:

Out and About Tours — touted (and outed) as “Hollywood’s First and Only Gay Bus Tour”, they’ll take you on a glittering tour of the starry city. Advance booking necessary.
The Kids Are All Right — the movie. (I didn’t know you could rent movies with Amazon Rentals)
IMDB –There’s a spirited debate going on at IMDB.  And it involves a pivotal part in the movie.  Check out the post titled…ahem… “Do lesbians enjoy watching gay male pornography?”  Oh dear.  There goes my PG-13 rating…

And of course, the trailer…

And the reason behind all this?  The poll over there on your right.  Take a moment and pick your fave.  Thanks.

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