Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #6: The King’s Speech

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The King's Speech

To be honest, I had no desire to see this movie.  In the trailer Colin Firth stammers, “I have a voice!”, but all I heard was, “I have a pretentious movie!”  Alas, I am glad I didn’t listen to that voice in my head.   This was a pretty swell flick.

Colin Firth, of course, plays the reluctant King.  Helena Bonham Carter is his Queen, and Geoffrey Rush steals the show as the speech therapist.  For me, the real treat was learning about Wallis Simpson, her relationship with the next-in-line Edward, and his eventual abdication to be with her.  But I’m kinda geeky that way.  I had always known bits and pieces, but this film really put it into context and how dramatic a turn it was back in those days.  And really, who doesn’t like high drama among the royals?

But it’s not about the story.  It’s about the location.  So here we go…

Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #6: The King’s Speech

Primary Location: London, England

Prettiness Factor: High.  A lot has to do with the cinematography, but this is England — it’s hard to take a bad shot.  Throw in some fog and period costumes, and you got yourself a looker.

Further Resources:

The King’s Actual Speech — This is the real McCoy. King George VI addressing the British Empire from Buckingham Palace on September 3rd, 1939.  Shush the folks around you, as the audio is pretty poor.
Wallis, Duchess of Windsor — The Wikipedia entry for the woman said to be “schooled in the sexual arts” is a great read.  Did you know she was Time Magazine’s first ever Woman of the Year way back in 1936.
Movieline —  Much of The King’s Speech was filmed on a soundstage that was used for the video for Rehab by Amy Winehouse.  More notoriously, the same set was previously used as a gay porno. Let’s hope they mopped the floors after shooting (I stand by my word choice there).  In any case, our poor King would probably have been speechless had he known this.
The King’s Speech — The movie.

And let’s not forget the trailer…

And please don’t forget to vote.  The King commands you.

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