Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #7: The Social Network

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The Social Network

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with a little website called Facebook.  When I first heard that there was a movie about it, I was nonplussed. Great, I thought, what’s next? A Twitter musical? A Stumbleupon stage play? But the movie is actually pretty entertaining. Jesse Eisenberg plays founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Justin Timberlake plays a semi-paranoid Sean Parker, the brains behind Napster.  And most of the film plays out on campus at Harvard, which I’m pretty sure is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Best Picture Oscar — Location Showdown — Nominee #7: The Social Network

Primary Location:  Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Most of it was filmed in Cambridge, but not at Harvard (see below).

Prettiness Factor: Fair to middling.  Lots of New England-ish buildings and dorm rooms. Location here is not a key factor.

Further Resources:

Harvard Crimson — Article from 1999 on why Harvard doesn’t allow film crews on campus.  Thank-you  Love Story.
The Social Network (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition) — the movie.
Facebook Ruined My Life – the Facebook page.  Irony at its finest.
Creep (Radiohead cover) — Love, love, LOVE this version by the Vega Choir.  And no, this is not completely random — it’s from the trailer.

The trailer:

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