The Best Rocky Mountain Hunting Locations for Thrill Seekers

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Chances are that if you’re an outdoorsy adrenaline junkie, you want that same action-packed feeling out of your hunt. The idea of waiting in a tree stand for hours on end may not sound appealing to you, but how about a hiking adventure littered with breath-taking views and amazing wildlife?

Moose in the Rocky Mountains hunting

Refining your search to the typical backwoods hot spots of the Midwestern Great Plains will result in exactly the excursion that you’ll find boring. But, a Rocky Mountain expedition in Northern Utah has enough excitement to keep you occupied for days. Scale boulders the size of houses, 12,000-foot peaks, and rigorous hiking trails all while searching for your next big trophy. The Wasatch Range covers 160 miles from Idaho to Utah, and you won’t find a more thrilling landscape for your next big hunt.

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that you’re prepared for such a demanding journey. Simply rocking a pair of sneakers and your old tattered tent won’t do the job. So, grab your camping and climbing equipment before heading out on your quest. And, most importantly, don’t forget to stock up on your hunting gear. Whether you’re looking for ammunition, scents, or high-powered rifle scopes, you’ll want the best to conquer one of the top wildlife preserves in the country.

With territory stretching from Salt Lake City to Ogden, there’s plenty to set your gun sights on. Narrowing down exactly what species you want to hunt will determine what part of the range you explore. With over 300 animal species in the Wasatch, there’s a large selection to choose from. How do you find out which one is right for you? First determine what type of terrain you’re comfortable traveling. And secondly, find out what animals dwell in those areas. This simple list should help you dial in on a location.

Goat Hunting

Enjoy the incredible views from Loan Peak as you scale this section of the Wasatch Range. The rocky terrain means you’re in for a tough climb, but it will be well worth the reward. Sure, it may be more appealing to go after elk, moose, or bear, but don’t underestimate the awesome mount a large mountain goat can make. These are not your standard farm animals.

Drawing a tag to capture such a species will prove difficult, but if you’re lucky enough to snag one, expect a six-hour hike from your vehicle to prime hunting territory. You will also have the option to ascend via horseback. The good news is that with the large amount of goats in the area, you are almost guaranteed to come home with a great catch. Make sure you’re physically fit, well-prepared, and ready for a beautiful and strenuous trip.

Elk Hunting

Rifle scope hunting

The Currant Creek section of the Range is navigable and easy to access. With an elevation of only 7,700 feet, you won’t endure nearly as many obstacles during your trek. It won’t be hard to find some of the best elk hunting in the United States once you’ve arrived. And, as if the journey isn’t already easy enough, you can sit back and fish at the same location if you’re looking for a more laid back pace.

Moose Hunting

Head over to the North Slope for some fine moose hunting. Trails snake through this side of the mountain as canyons give way to the heavily wooded land. While not as taxing as the Loan Peak section of the mountain, some amount of physical fitness will be required to reach prime altitudes for moose. Again horse-riding is an option for hunters. If you’re looking for a big game animal that is more exciting to mount than a goat, this is the adventure you will want to start with.

Buck Hunting

The most common hunting on the mountain is also the most bountiful. Finding a soft spot to yourself may prove difficult, as many adventurers seek to find their next big trophy in the same area. However, a willingness to trudge deep enough into the mountain will leave you free and clear of any meaningful crowds. Take in the herds of monstrous mule deer before you set your sites on the one you’d like to take home.

No matter which species you choose to track down, the Wasatch Front provides a journey worth experiencing. So gear up, it’s time to hit the Beehive State.


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