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Bike Tour in Bangkok, Thailand with Follow Me Bike Tour bikes on boat Bangkok

In a previous post, I talked about my apprehension with taking a bike tour of Bangkok. Ii had to do with bicycle karma. (If you’re in the market to steal a bike kids, trust me – it’s not worth it.)

Turns out all my worry was all for nought. The bicycle trip with Follow Me Bike Tours from was a stellar (and bicycle-karma-free) way to spend a day.

What is partners with local tour guides in popular and off-track places around the world. It’s sort of a one-stop shop if you want to book a tour that’s a little bit more unique than what you’d normally find in a guidebook. You’ll be working with local guides in the most foreign of places — and who would know the location better than a local. Follow Me Bike Tours Club House Bangkok

So it’s through that I found myself in the clubhouse of Follow Me Bike Tours at 8 AM on a random Thursday.

This was the Bangkok Jungle tour in the area known as Phra Pradeang. There were promises of back alleys, river crossings, and green jungle goodness. Well it delivered all of the above – in spades.

My tour consisted of three Dutch bike-enthusiasts, and Tob — our Thai guide for the day. After a welcome water and coffee (or tea if you prefer), we choose our bikes, and ensured they were adjusted correctly. Follow Me Bike Tour 109

I was expecting something like this bike we saw on the tour, but instead was pleased to be greeted with a fine selection of Trek and Nordic bicycles to choose from. After Tob gave us details about the route we would be taking, we were on our way.

Follow Me Bike Tour Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok streets can be chaotic as…well, Bangkok streets – but after 15 minutes or so, we were out of the mayhem and into the narrow alleys. Since we used mostly back roads and alleyways, main thoroughfare time was kept minimal.

I’ve spent quite some time in Bangkok over the past few months, but this tour showed me I still have a lot to see. Like this “railroad graveyard” that Tob pointed out. Follow Me Bike Tour 123

I also had no idea that there was literally a jungle just across the Chao Phraya river with a maze of elevated pathways. Follow Me Bike Tour 277

Foolow Me Bike Jungle Tour pathway

Follow Me Bike Tour Bangkok, Thailand jungle path

We were even given the opportunity to feed some koi in a park that was completely empty devoid of the chaos Bangkok is known. At one point we were the only ones there. Follow Me Bike Tour 346 Follow Me Bike Tour Park

Follow Me Bike Tour Bangkok, Thailand King's Park rest stop

After our break it was back on the road for the boat back across the Chao Phraya river.

Follow Me Bike Tour Bangkok, Thailand (2)

Follow Me Bike Tour Bangkok boat ride

Follow Me Bike Tour Bangkok skyline

En route to the Follow Me Bike clubhouse, we stopped in for a quick visit at the M.R. Kukrit house. Follow Me Bike Tour 436

Not knowing who that was, I’m glad they gave out a brochure as we entered. He was the 13th Prime Minister of Thailand, and while it’s not officially a museum (their brochure says, “We like to keep it like he still lives here”), it was a worthwhile stop. It gave a pretty good glimpse into a traditional Thai home. At least the a traditional upper-crust Thai home. Follow Me Bike Tour M.R Kukrit Heritage Home Follow Me Bike Tour 446

And while the buildings (there were 5, built without nails), and the gardens (they wrote the book on Zen) were spectacular, it was the creepily cool pet cemetery that caught my eye. Follow Me Bike Tour Pet Cemetary tombstone Bangkok

I gather Mr. Kukrit had a thing for animals, as he honoured each family pet with an ornate headstone to mark their final resting place. Follow Me Bike Tour dog grave marker pet cemetary Bangkok

Let’s have a moment of silence now shall we for the years of devout service rendered by the Unknown Mice. Follow Me Bike Tour unknown mice tombstone in pet cemetary

It was a short ride back to the clubhouse, but not short enough that we couldn’t have some photo fun along the way.

Follow Me Bike Tour Bangkok, Thailand photo time

We ended the tour with a filling lunch, and a free fish spa (more to come on that later!)

After lunch, we were invited to sign the guest book, which in this case, is a guest wall. Follow Me Bike Tour 105

Would I do it again? Heck yes! I saw sights I never knew existed in Bangkok, I got a great BBQ lunch, a free fish spa, and probably most importantly, I got my bicycle-mojo back.

Take that karma.

Travel Tips:

  • The tour is suitable for any able-bodied person.
  • Water and snacks along the way are included.
  • Safety helmets are available if you prefer.
  • Wear a hat or cap and sensible shoes. Sunscreen is provided just in case you forget.
  • Don’t worry about photos. Tob takes lots along the way, and the owner Ray will email them to you, and post on Follow Me Bike Tours Facebook page.
  • Have fun. You’re going to see a side of Bangkok that most tourists don’t.

Note: This tour was provided compliments of and Follow Me Bike Tours. The opinions expressed though are my own – I do solemnly swear. (That solemnly bit means I’m serious.)

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  1. This looks like a fun adventure! I remember seeing LocalGuiding advertised in one of the travel writing newsletters – makes me want to drop them a line.

  2. My initial reaction was “Biking in Bangkok?? Are you trying to die?”, but it actually looks like your tour was calm and peaceful. Cool cool.

    1. Yeah that was my worry as well — but it was safe and a whole lot of fun. I also thought it would be too hot for biking in Bangkok, but actually the breeze you get makes you want to bike even more. 🙂

  3. Tsk tsk tsk Raymond! Have I taught you NOTHING throughout our years? Bicycling in open toes?! You KNOW how that wreaks havoc on the pedicure!! You look wonderful and happy and all full of athleticism!! Next time you’re back on the Rock we’ll bike the trails in Mt Pearl and sit by the Waterford River and watch the Tim Hortons cups float by…. xo

  4. Oh, and what a fine guide you would be! As a matter of fact, my dear mom in en route to Chiang Mai as we speak. She’s going to be there for an entire month – MY little momma! I LOVE it. I have the coolest mom around!

  5. Why not? That would be great. Now, she’s not a computer user exactly…where she lives in MB only dial-up is available and as you can imagine (or maybe recall way back when) it’s painfully slow. After a while mom just gave up trying to email.

    However, the friend she’s flying out with is bringing her iPad and seems a bit more computer savvy.

  6. AWESOME! How cool are those tiny pathways through the jungle. Definitely keen to do that when we travel through Asia next year.

  7. What a great idea. You have shown me a different side of Bangkok that I never knew about either. Next time we go back, I’ll definitely book this tour. We did a cycling tour up in Chiang Rai and loved it and it never dawned on me to do one in Bangkok. Now I will. Cheers.

  8. I am a big BK fan but have never done this tour. So different from how I know bangkok. However I did go on tours with localguiding before and I just love them. Really the true way to experience a location ( as above)

    Keep on postin…


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