Choosing your Next Airline: Why KLM May be good for you

Posted by - December 7, 2014 | Category: Contributing Author

Choosing an airline represents an unusual choice as a consumer, primarily because you are almost always restricted depending on location and the timing of your required flights. Cost is always a big factor, but so is the level of service that you can expect as a traveller. Finding a firm that goes above and beyond in the quest to please consumers is extremely challenging, as it can be time consuming to research brands and understand their individual philosophies. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently made the consumers a great deal easier, however, thanks to the brands innovative #happytohelp campaign.  

Based from Amsterdam’s bustling Schiphol Airport, KLM’s customer service team spent a week monitoring real time, travel related tweets and offered assistance wherever possible. From offering information and early morning wake-up calls to rescuing lost passports, KLM reinforced the fundamental principles of customer service while also breaking new ground by assisting travellers regardless of who they are flying with. The results were truly incredible, as KLM became the first airline to offer non-discriminate customer service to a universal group of passengers and treat travellers as a single group.

Check out the video below to see the highlights.

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