101 Stocking Stuffers for Men Who Love Travel (UPDATED NOV. 2016)

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41. ZUS Car Charger and GPS Car Locator

ZUS car charger and GPS car finder

Oh ZUS. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways? First, it’s a dual USB charger that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter (not that many cars come with a cigarette lighter nowadays, but I digress, and thankfully the outlet is still there. Second, there’s an app available for both Android and iOS that uses GPS to track the location of your vehicle. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time locating my own car at the mall, let alone a rental car. Third, it charges your device twice as fast as normal cigarette lighter car chargers. (PRO TIP: Put your phone in airplane mode to get it charged even faster.)

This is one device I travel everywhere with. I’ve even asked a couple of friendly-ish bus drivers to plug it into their outlet to charge my phone during those long overnight bus journies. 🙂

Price: $29.99

Where to Buy: ZUS Car Charger

42. Travel Packing Cubes

Eagle Creek Travel Packing Cubes Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for men

As unsexy as these are, they are quite useful for just about any traveller. The meshy bit allows you to see what’s inside at a glance, and the cube itself allows you to keep everything in one place. Still probably far more sexy than my collection of mismatched hotel laundry bags I use to organize my stuff though.

Price: $21.20

Where to Buy: Eagle Creek Travel Packing Cube Set Set  

43. Scratch Map

Scratch Map Stocking Stuffers for Men Christmas Gift Ideas

For anyone itching to go travelling (hee hee), this Scratch Map may be just the thing. The idea here is you scratch off the places you’ve been to taunt and intimidate visitors to your home with how well travelled you are. Well, that’s probably not the actual idea behind this, but you get the picture. In any case, it’s a cute Christmas gift idea for any travellin’ man.

Price: $29.81

Where to Buy: Scratch Map

44. Carry-On Toiletry Kit

LiteGear Carry on Toiletry Kit stocking stuffers for men who travel

A while back I shared what’s in my toiletry bag, and not much has changed. I still carry all those things. As for the actual toiletry bag, all dudes need one, and this one is pretty well organized and compact. If you want to kick up this travel gift a notch, add some of the things I’ve included in that post.

Price: $23.59

Where to Buy: Carry-On Toiletry Kit

45. Travel Cigar Humidor

Travel Cigar Humidor Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas for men

If you’ve got a fancy man in your life who fancies a stogie or two, this travel humidor might be just the manly stocking stuffer he’s looking for. It fits 1 to 4 cigars depending on how fat those suckers are (the cigars, not the smokers), and has a built-in humidifier and hygrometer. Whatever that is.

Price: $29.95

Where to Buy: Travel Cigar Humidor Case

46. World Traveller Bicycle T-shirt

World Traveller Bicycle T shirt stocking stuffers for men Christmas gift ideas

This clever t-shirt makes a great stocking stuffer for those bike riding men on your list. Shipping can be expensive outside of the United States though, so you’ve been warned.

Price: $21.95

Where to Buy: Men’s World Traveller Bicycle T-shirt

47. The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit stocking stuffers for men Christmas gift ideas

This is a pretty fun stocking stuffer for a man who loves food — a pocket-sized seasoning travel survival kit. Any foodie on the move will appreciate having these 13 UDSA approved organic herbs and spices that literally fit into a coat pocket. The bottom of one container is the top of next, so they remain stacked while not having to worry about spilling. A must-have Christmas gift for any serious foodie who travels.

Price: $26

Where to Buy: The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

48. Denim & Canvas Waterproofing Wax

Otter Denim and Canvas Waterproofing Wax stocking stuffer Christmas gift ideas for menThis is an old-school method of waterproofing anything from jeans to hats to coats to canvas shoes. Apply the wax evenly over the surface, then heat it up using a hair dryer. Takes a day or so for it to set, and about three days for the smell to disappear, but then voilà…waterproof.

Price: $17.95 for a 5 ounce bar

Where to Buy: Denim & Canvas Waterproofing Wax

49. Travel Headlamp

Black Diamond Travel Headlamp stocking stuffer gift ideas for men who travel

A stellar Christmas gift idea for active men, or even those that just like to play tent around the house, the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp is one of the best on the market. Settings include full strength in distance and proximity modes, dimming, strobe, red light vision, and lock mode.

Price: from $24.99

Where to Buy: Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

50. Tactical Christmas Stocking

Tactical Christmas Stocking with Molle Christmas gift ideas for men

Why settle for a stocking stuffer when you can give the stocking itself? This manly man’s Christmas stocking is pretty heavy-duty with assorted clips, loops, and pouches. Great for any army, navy, or military-esque type fella on your gift list.

Price: $20.99

Where to Buy: Tactical Christmas Stocking

51. 11-in-1 Survival Tool

11 in 1 credit card sized survival tool Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for men who travel

A great stocking stuffer for men that’s under 5 bucks, this stainless steel credit-card sized tool functions as a can-opener, bottle-opener, wrench, saw, knife, and more. Comes with a protective carrying case as well.

Price: $1.69

Where to Buy: 11-in-1 Survival Tool

52. London Underground Notepad/Mouse Pad

London transport underground tear off mouse mat desk pad Christmas stocking stuffers for men who travelMakes a nifty fun little stocking filler under 10 bucks for any man who hears London calling. It’s a notepad that plays double-duty as a mouse pad.

Price: $5.45

Where to Buy: London Underground Notepad

53. Ticket Stub Organizer

Just the Ticket Ticket Stub Organizer Christmas stocking stuffers for men who travel

Definitely a unique Christmas gift idea, the Just The Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizer preserves and organizes all those loose tickets from past trips, concerts, or games. There’s even space for writing notes along each ticket, and a spot for playbills and larger items in the back.

Price: $10.14

Where to Buy: Ticket Stub Organizer

54. Vintage Ministry of Food Ration Notebook

A6 journal ration book Christmas stocking stuffer vintage gift ideas for men

This 1940s inspired notebook makes a stellar vintage stocking stuffer for less than 10 dollars. Filled with retro ads from the era, there’s still plenty of room for note taking in the field.

Price: $8.49

Where to Buy: Ration Notebook

55. Long Range WiFi Extender

TP Link WiFi Extender Repeater Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas for guys

If you’ve ever felt the pain of staying in a hotel room that’s just a smidge too far away from the WiFi signal, then next gift idea will bring some much needed comfort. It extends your laptop’s WiFi signal to pick up signals that were previously out of reach. Many users state they get 4 bars where previously there was one. Works for both Windows and Mac operating systems, and considering it’s also less than 20 dollars, this is pretty much a steal.

Price: $19.99

Where to Buy: TP-LINK WiFi Extender

56. Power Bank

Battery Charging Power Bank Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for men

This is the power bank that I have. It’s a great, inexpensive portable charger that’s capable of recharging any iPhone, Android device, iPad, tablet, or eReader. And with 15000mAh it’s pretty powerful. It’s also a much cheaper alternative to a Mophie.

Price: $38.99

Where to Buy: Power Bank Charger

57. SAS Survival Guide

SAS Survivak Guide unique Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas for men who travel

Considered by many as the best survival handbook on the market, the British Army’s SAS (Special Air Service) Survival Guide covers not only emergency preparedness and outdoor skills, but many topics similar books don’t even begin to address. Some examples you say? Determining directions, understanding rescue signals, identifying plants, dealing with different climates and terrains, reading clouds for weather prediction, plus detailed directions and diagrams for trapping, skinning, gutting, and cooking animals. Just to name a few. Available in print or Kindle editions, it makes a great Christmas gift idea for any man. And it’s less than 10 bucks to boot. 

Price: $6

Where to Buy: SAS Survival Guide

58. Ace of Spades Casino Bottle Opener

Ace of Spades Bottle Opener stocking stuffers for men gift ideas

Finally, a Christmas gift for heavy-drinking gamblers. And less than 5 bucks too. Yay!! More beer/slot machine money!

Price: $4.48

Where to Buy: Credit Card Size Casino Bottle Opener

59. Outside Magazine Subscription

Outside Magazine Subscription stocking stuffer Christmas gift ideas for men

One of the few magazines I still read (it’s ALL about the blogs nowadays you know), Outside has some of the best travel reporting out there. When you subscribe to the print edition you get the Kindle version for free. 

Price: $24 for 12 issues

Where to Buy: Outside Magazine Subscription

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  1. What what an extensive list! I can definitely find something on this list for every man I know that loves to travel.

    I think the wine condom is a hilarious and great idea and I am going to go see if that ‘I shoot people’ t-shirt is available for women too 😀

  2. Bloody hell thats an extensive list!!! I was only expecting 10-15 gift ideas ha, been reading through these for for past hour! I love that escape kit, I went onto the site and watched the video of the guy cutting through the tie wrap – So cool! I like the little globe keychain too – I like any little travel mementos like that and I love looking at maps.

  3. What a great amount of options for all types of male travelers. Those who like vintage, gear/gadgets, etc. Shopping for men can be difficult, and you might have made it slightly easier! Thanks 🙂

  4. Wow! An awesome list. Some great ideas here.
    I love that you included the Lifestraw, a great local (to me) company doing awesome things for people without access to clean water, while also providing options for travellers. And I especially love that everything here is so affordable!

    1. Thanks Sam! I love that Lifestraw too. I read one of the reviews and one guy said he drank the water from a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and it cleared out all the junk. So apparently it works! 🙂

  5. Absolutely love this list, mate. I only wish I’d seen it a couple weeks earlier so I could get some of the items delivered before Christmas.

    I don’t even want to know how long you spent putting this together, haha.

  6. Very impressive list, Raymond. Women always struggle getting the right gift to men and because they love clothing, they tend to believe that men like them too. I particularly like the escape watch, but there are many other useful gifts on your list.

      1. So, I bought the Go Pro kit. Well not that exact one because Amazon wouldn’t deliver it to Australia. But I shopped around and found one in Australia that was nearly as cheap. I couldn’t believe the price. But in reference to the question about quality further up the comments, it is the exact same case that is readily available in retail outlets here for more money and without all the extra bits. So, definitely value for money in my mind. I’m revisiting the list as there are so many great ideas here. Thanks again.

  7. Jeeez Raymond, that is a long list! I am guessing the manly man with fresh balls is not really needing the escape band, because with a backpack stuffed with all these items he is not going to want to travel very far anymore… 😉

    1. Yeah I love that camera lens thermos too. In my defense, I did mention at the top of the post that women who travel would find most of these gifts useful too. Just didn’t want to name it Stocking Stuffers for All Travellers when stuff like Fresh Balls was on there. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. Really really wonderful things you mention in post. Love all the things. i like most Cufflinks, Bluetooth Speakers and Goateesaver for my self. Thanks for the sharing this nice post with us. very perfect things for giving a gift on Christmas.

    Nice article.


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