Which Cigar is Most Popular in Which Country? And Why?

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I have a new hobby.

Yes, I’m stereotyping, but it’s fun. I predict people’s countries of origin by the cigars they smoke. But it’s surprising how accurate I am with this.

I guess it’s the same as food and cuisine. Different cultures have unique preferences.

 And if your friends are from any of these countries, pick their cigar gifts according to this list. I bet they’ll love their presents!

What do Certain Citizens Love?

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American Smokers

The modern cigar market originated in America. You can be assured this is an experienced community that knows exactly what it wants.

And how do I know someone is from America? Most probably he or she is gesturing with an Arturo Fuente cigar between the fingers.

This brand draws more than 50% of Americans’ cigar money.

The company provides products for every price range. But smoking a more affordable one doesn’t mean you’re smoking low quality. The Fuentes run a family business and they’re fanatical about quality control. And their farm is in the Dominican Republic. This area is perfect for producing quality tobacco.

Now you know why the Americans love this brand.

UK Smokers

It seems a particular brand stole the hearts of UK smokers.

Of the Top 10 cigars smoked in the UK, four of them—including the one in first place—are Monte Cristo products. Whether your new acquaintance loves light, medium or full flavors, if he or she is from Britain a Monte Cristo will most likely be lit.

The brand also produces various sizes, so UK citizens find Monte Cristo products they love no matter their preferences.

French Smokers

If you’re visiting France I hope you love Cuban cigars. Yes I know, who doesn’t? But we all have our preferences. And more often than not someone with an exotic Cuban is from Paris or close by.

Why do I say Paris? Because cigars are slightly less abundant in France than in some other countries. So the busy hub in Paris is your best option for cigar shopping.

You have to search intensely for stores that don’t simply offer the usual collection of cigarettes and ordinary Cubans. And don’t think you’ll get cigars from many other manufacturers. The stores only stock what they know the people will buy.

And the French want Cuban.

Russian Smokers

Here’s proof that not all smokers have the same palates.

While Russian smokers also prefer Cubans, they’re most likely to try out new items. Even though Cuban cigars are available, many other brands’ sales gain traction the moment they’re launched in Russia.

Russian women also love this hobby and if you see a lady with a Davidoff aromatic little cigar, she’s bound to be from Russia. Why? Because the women love the flavored options!

But sometimes I’m stumped with the Russian tendencies. While a Russian from St Petersburg will stick to Cuban cigars, someone from Moscow is more adventurous. This cigar community loves trying out new cigars and accessories. If you’re showcasing a new find and someone volunteers to join you, you now know what city he or she is from.

Chinese Smokers

I’ve learned that Cuban cigars still top most people’s list of favorites. But smokers usually have a second favorite they keep on hand too.

When someone’s second best is a Davidoff there’s an excellent chance they’re from China or other Asian countries.

The cigar market in Asia is still developing, unlike the US where it’s been around for more than a century. As the market evolves consumers remain curious about different products.

And the Chinese community only wants to partake in the best. Davidoff’s premium range is the perfect example of this and China is loving it!

Most Popular in the World

Of course, some of my acquaintances opt to go for the ultimate cigar experience. And without a doubt this is the Romeo y Julieta 1875. You’ll find it on every best sellers list the world over.

If someone is smoking this you simply know one thing: The person knows about quality smoking. These cigars are so well blended that both new and experienced smokers love them.

When I see this, I surrender in the game and simply enjoy the aroma.

International Suppliers

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Do you want to taste what your countrymen are missing out on?

Hold on before wildly tasting every cigar you get your hands on. You’ll taste some awful ones and you don’t want that spoiling your passion.

Apart from smokers having preferences, countries also have characteristics. And when you pick cigars from the right countries, you have a better chance of finding new favorites:

  • Mexico and North America produce quality tobacco products and cigars
  • Connecticut in America produces some of the finest leaves used for wrapping
  • Central and West Africa have a few quality cigars
  • Indonesia’s wrapper leaves are preferred for small cigars
  • The Philippines’ tobacco is very aromatic
  •  Some South American countries—Honduras and Nicaragua especially—can give you remarkable tobacco
  • The end result is determined by the process and the skill of the manufacturer. But ingredients from these countries should leave you with amazing smoking experiences.

No. My game is not based on accurate science. You’ll have a few wrong guesses. I’ve had a few. But I’m getting better at my game and it makes for interesting dinner conversation!

What country are you from? Do your preferences align with these guidelines? Or perhaps you’re that unique feature in your community. You have the courage to be different and try—and love—something different than what your peers do. Online suppliers such as Gotham Cigars carry little and full size cigars, making it easy to find whatever you’re in the mood to try next.

Here’s one benefit of being original: You won’t miss out on some of the best flavors from around the globe. Which type will you give a try?

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