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Recently, I’ve come into possession of a snazzy Samsung Galaxy S4. I currently have an iPhone 5, but the one thing that drives me nuts is typing on the thing. My previous phone was a Samsung as well and I’d grown quite fond of Swype — the app that lets you type by sliding your fingers across the screen instead of having to hit each button individually. It nails it when it comes to predicting text. And partially due to my chubby fingers, I figure it’s about 3 times faster for me to type with a Swype-enabled device compared to the iPhone. So it was time for an upgrade. But this post is not about typing. It’s about photos. 

Since it’s been over a year since I’ve had an Android device, and I’d gotten pretty used to processing photos on an iPhone, I wanted to see how Android photo editing apps stacked up against their iPhone counterparts. So I downloaded a few of the top contenders to see how they fared. Here are the results.


Snapseed Android Photo Editing App Galaxy S4

I’m a big fan of this app for iPhone, and the Android version of this photo editing app is no different. The Automatic setting does wonders for colour and contrast setting, while (in my humble opinion), the Drama setting makes everything look a heckuva lot more stunning — especially when it comes to enhancing landscape photos. The only downsides are the potential for photo pixelation if you go to heavy on the saturation, and the fact that there is no setting to add text to your photos. Best part is that this app is completely free.


PicsArt Android photo editing app Samsung Galaxy S4

With somewhat fewer photo customization options than Snapseed, but with quite a few preset photo effects, PicsArt really shines when it comes to text, stickers, clipart, callouts (those little speech bubbles) and frames. There are some freebies, but the sheer number of in-app purchases and the ads at the bottom of the app make this one probably my least favourite of the Android photo editing apps I reviewed. 


Pixlr o matic Android photo editing app Samsung Galaxy S4

I couldn’t quite get the hang of this one. It’s effects are named after people, like Harry and Ramona, whoever they are. And while there are plenty of fancy streaks and splashes of colour if you click on the Lightbulb option (there’s even a Glitter option), most of the effects I’d never use in daily editing. Just a little too glitzy and over the top for my liking.

For now, I think I’ll stick to Snapseed. It has all the options I need without getting too fancy. One of the best tips though for photo editing is to just mess around with your photos! Sometimes the arty look is what makes the photo THE photo. 

What Android photo editing apps do you use and recommend?

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  1. This is good. I haven’t had a chance to try different apps yet, just been shooting with my S4 as well and uploading them to my laptop to edit them.

    There’s way too many apps but you gave me a good starting point with Snapseed after seeing the comparision with the other two apps. Eventually I will master my S4 to do everything I can do with it from photo editing to posting, etc…

  2. Hi, I’m Emily, hope you safely landed at Oman. can’t wait for your Kuching post. it’s great you explore and try different app to edit photo..for IT noob like me, i just use Line camera app or instagram to edit it, no idea about other app. My other blogger friend is using vscomcam app,u may try to have a look on it too.

  3. I don’t have an android (I’m an apple snot) but love this post and the idea of comparing different phone software. Thanks for sharing. Plus you can get most of those on an iPhone too, so it’s still helpful. (PS love that instead of a Captcha you make me confirm that I’m human!)

  4. Thanks for sharing this! It’s actually really helpful, because I always edit photos on my phone 😉


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