A Day for Champs and Gents in Munich

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Munich in Germany is an amazing place to get some upscale Me-Time for sophisticated gentlemen! Here are five ideas…

If you are traveling through Germany, you really want to check out Munich in the State of Bavaria. If you enjoy beer, you probably know what we’re talking about. But Munich is far more than just a typical German place where you can drink a typically large Weizenbier and eat a traditional “Weißwurst” with sweet mustard. Munich is actually anything but typical! Here are five tips for a cool, relaxed and awesome gentleman tour.

Munich Germany

A place to chill in style

First things first: a nice and stylish place to get comfortable after a long journey. Munich offers an abundance of hotels – from run-down youth hostels with greasy bedrooms for a minimum of eight people to unaffordable mainstream luxury 5* hotels. And some really nice design hotels that will pamper you with a lot of charme, style and ambience. One of the coolest places in town is definitely the “Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar” close to the city centre. Don’t get suspicious of the quite nasty looking outside of the hotel: A big block of grey concrete walls with a couple of windows. Once you’re inside, you find yourself surrounded by art. Not just like pieces of art … the whole place is one single master piece! Each room and each suite has their own flair. Modern interior design meets Arabic influences, Asian elements and traditional styles. If you take a look at the people behind this unique hotel, you understand their eccentric design concept: 11 friends – actors, musicians, surfers and so on – have unleashed their creativity and created something amazing. A literally top location to enjoy a drink before hitting the city is the “The Flushing Meadows Bar” on the top floor of the hotel.

Trim & dress deluxe

So once you checked a fitting place to crash, it’s time to dress up for a night to remember! THE place to get a decent haircut and perfect beard trim is the “Barber House”. Alone the slogan “dedicated to gentlemen” says it all. The Barber House is one of the top addresses for local hipsters and proud beard lovers (quite a tradition here in Bavaria!) – since many years. Meanwhile they have two shops where you’ll experience true wellness for guys. After this delight, you might want to dress up. Werner Scherer is considered one of the best tailors for gentlemen in Europe! In his store in Munich, which is just around the corner of the famous Maximilianstrasse, you’ll be sure to find the perfect suit to really make an impression. If, on the other hand, you would like to relish the Bavarian fashion style, pay a visit to a shop called “Hirmer Landslust”. Here you’ll find an entire floor filled with modern and very stylish looking Lederhosen and other traditional fashion items for men.

Time for a snack, a drink and some company

After you’ve done your shopping, it’s time to dig into some delicious German cuisine. In Munich this means going to a typical Biergarten and eating meat! One of the most charming beer gardens in town is called Sankt Emmeramsmuehle located in the English Garden. Order a “Schweinshaxen” (pig’s leg) and a Mass (one litre of beer) and you’ll be ready to tackle anything the evening hits you with! Before exploring the colourful nightlife, you might want to hook up with a stunningly beautiful German lady to accompany you through the night. The easiest way to do so is to call a VIP escort agency in Munich which will discreetly arrange a date with the top escort of your choice. You could meet her in one of the coolest bars in Munich: The Bar Tabacco! Very classy, a great selection of high-class whiskeys and the perfect ambience to get to know your charming female companion a bit better. Once it’s past midnight, many clubs await their guests! From laid back lounges over loud and rocking cellars to huge high tech clubs – Munich has it all! Taking pages like “The World’s finest Clubs” as a reference, you’ll always stumble across the name of Munich’s most elite location to party the night away: The Heart Club! A great place but then again you might just want to keep your visit a bit shorter and rather show you sweet new friend how fancy your hotel suite looks like.

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