Do I Need a Travel Visa? The Easy Way to Find Out

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Yearning for Yemen?  Roaming to Rwanda? Vagonbonding in Vanuatu? Depending on where you are from, where you are going, and where you look for information, sometimes unearthing the travel visa requirements for specific countries can be a landmine.  Different sites provide a multitude of different answers. Many sites provide only the visa requirements for residents of a specific country.  For example, there’s a myriad of Google search results for our American friends, with a host of stellar information.  But what if you aren’t from the United States?  And what if you want to stopover somewhere along the way?    And what if your passport is from somewhere other than where you were born?  Or you have dual citizenship?

Any of these questions sound familiar? Well thankfully there is an easy way to check on travel visa requirements.  The information is easily available for those with access to the IATA website, but for the rest us, it’s a little more difficult.  I found this great link a few years ago on the Emirates Air website.  You plug-in the country you hold a passport for, the country (or countries) you are visiting, any stopover or transit countries, and voila — you are given detailed information on any necessary passport or visa requirements. 

I know that there are several other sites and widgets available that give similar information, but in my experience, this one has been the most reliable as the information is funneled directly from IATA. 

Let me know your thoughts…in the meantime, happy visa hunting!

Link: Visa and Passport Requirements

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    1. It is a pretty cool site! I found it a few years ago and it is usually spot on. Still, I’m kind of a nervous Ned, so I check and double-check as well…


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