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Nomadic Boys

Follow the misadventures of Stefan and Sebastien as they dive, cook, and eat their way around the globe. The boys left their London life behind in 2014 to travel the globe indefinitely.

Stingy Traveller

Stretching your travel dollar without compromising experiences, the Stingy Traveller shows penny-pinchers that inexpensive travel can be as effortless as it is rewarding.

Off The Path

Sebastian is an adventurer, student and marketing consultant. Since 2008 he travels around the world and combines his passion for travel and marketing. On he shares his personal reviews of countries, cities, attractions and much more.

Where Sidewalks End

Ian is an avid traveller at heart. Having first hit the road in 1997, there’s been very little time since when he wasn’t planning his next trip. As of Nov 2011, after years of trips (including a year long around-the-world tour, and having visited all 7 continents), he decided to become a permanent nomad. With the world as his oyster, and a road full of endless possibilities, you can be sure he won’t be stopping any time soon. Join Ian as he takes you beyond Where the sidewalks end!

Justin K Jones is a travel writer and blogger whose adventures have taken him around the world from the icy peaks of the Swiss Alps to the sunny shores of Australia and everywhere in between! He travels the world to share his stories, as well as those of the people he meets along the way. Find out more on Justin’s travel blog.

50+ Countries, 4 years and counting, the life & times of a serial backpacker — follow Johnny, a 20-something Irish fellow who’s making good use of his time on this earth.

Mike and Luci met in third grade, started fighting in 6th grade, and haven’t stopped. Check out their travels (and their fights) at 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die.

I Should Log Off

Danni and Jillian have a great motto — Log off and live!  They have traveled the globe for over 21 months, through 50 countries and thousands of kilometers. This is their adventure travel blog, and they hope you enjoy it!

A View to A Thrill

Renee King’s goal is to convince the reluctant traveler that they can pursue their dreams.  Having put off a lifelong wish to visit Paris for twenty odd years, she knows how people can be led to believe that it’s an impossibility.  She offers inspiration, tips, trip reports and lots of great info for newbie travelers to get started on their journey.  A penny pincher to the bitter end, Renee’s motto is that anyone can sample the world at a fraction of the price!


Simply put, one of the most comprehensive travel sites on the web.

Travelin’ Gringo

Glen Abbott is a travel writer, photographer and videographer. Glen’s stories and photography have appeared in HOG, American IronAmerican Rider, Rider, Road Bike and AAA’s Going Places magazine, and his videography clients include ABC, CBS and CNN News. Check out his tales from the road.

Adventure Bimbling Travel Guides

Andrew Murray has a dry wit about him that is always engaging. Check out his blog!

Dave’s Travel Corner

Dave has a comprehensive travel site where you can spend hours planning and researching. Bookmark this one!

Traveling Savage

See how a savage can use a pen to conquer all of Scotland.

Go, See, Write

Some of the best writing on the web, travel or otherwise.

Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina is living life with a different set of rules. And lots of bacon.

Trail of Ants Travel Blog

First, there was humour. Then there was Trail of Ants humour.  Trail of Ants hands down my friends.

Ordinary Traveler

They may tout themselves as ordinary, but the content of their website is anything but.  Check out Christy and Scott’s great travel blog.

Over Yonderlust

Shaun and Erica are childhood sweethearts traveling the world the same way they’ve traveled through life: no regrets, no missed opportunities and no rock unturned. Follow them as they add stamps to their passports one country at a time.

Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt has been traveling around the world since 2007.  His slick-looking site is jam-packed with great stories and photos from his exploits.

Candice Does the World

Candice is hilarious. That’s all you need to know. So follow her.

Travels of Adam

Follow Adam on his round-the-world graphic design site.

A Wandering Sole

Seek adventure. Discover Life. Trek Globally. That’s Laura’s motto.  And you should start doing those by checking out her unique travel site.

Travel tips and inspiration for global hoppers anywhere.

Chris is showing us all just how easy it can be to leave it all behind, and find your way out on the road. His detailed budgets for each destination are a must-read for anyone setting out on their own.

The Road Forks

Follow Akila and Patrick as their minds (and waistlines) expand as they travel, cook, and eat their way around the world with their two dogs.

No Vacation Required

The guys at No Vacation Required strive to live their dream life every day (get it, no vacation required) and want to inspire you to do the same. That’s it!

Beers and Beans

Not just Beers and Beans enthusiasts, Bethany and Randy sometimes experiment with cheap wine and blueberries when they’re not dodging crocodiles or producing some of the best travel photography on the web.

Runaway Guide

Leif, aka The Runaway, is one of the most intense backpackers out there. When he was 16, he ran away from home and explored the far reaches of Europe and the Middle East for a year with no money. Jumping trains, hitchhiking, and eating for free are just a few of the guides he provides. Definitely an indispensable read for any Kerouac wannabe.

Wild Junket

Nellie Huang’s writing style is characterized by her outlook in life: positivity and passion. A love for the unknown and an eye for adventure have made her a modern-day nomad. Hailing from Singapore, she has traipsed through continents to find home in Spain, where she lives for now.

The Longest Way Home

Follow Dave on his fascinating journey around this world. You won’t regret it!

Adventure Rob

Rob left the rat race during Christmas 2008 to travel and now he inspires others to do the same.

Blondie at Worldz End Travel Blog

Agata left her hometown in Poland over 5 years ago to travel the world. Her motto is Veni, Vidi, Vici!


Norbert delivers travel tips, advice, destination reviews, pictures, and much more.  His site is a source of inspiration, a way to let you know that trekking the world is possible and that you can do it too.

Daydream Away

A lifelong travel junkie, Abby Tegnelia finally took the leap to become an expat in rural Costa Rica. After a year, on the eve of a massive South American adventure, she was offered a job to move back to a jungle of another kind — Las Vegas. Now she balances work and travel, finding adventure in both.

Budget Travelers Sandbox

Nancie is a transplanted Canadian who has been living, working, and taking photographs in Asia since late 2000. Her excellent “Travel Photo Thursday” has become a staple of the travel blogging community.

Travel Notes

The site contains photo travel journals from different parts of the globe.

Wandering Trader’s Travels

Marcello has been working for freedom his entire life. He’s unlocked the secret through day trading and now wanders the world.

Vagabond Quest

Ryan and Dina left their ordinary life in Canada on April 2009 and have been traveling around the world since. Over 2 years living on the road, this Canadian-Indonesian traveling couple is living their dream of being permanent travelers. Follow their adventures and enjoy their photography on their blog.

Trains on the Brain

Jools Stone left the cubicle life in August of 2010 and is now living the dream and seeing the world, one train at a time.

The Big Mozey

A Travel Blog From A Walkaway – walked away from his home once Bush bailed out the banks – home is wherever he lays his hat!

Quiet Wanderings

Cherina has been traveling the world off and on since 1998 with many of her journeys involving long distance walking. By sharing stories of her adventures and photographs from many of her journeys, she hopes to inspire others to travel and see the world for themselves.

Jetsetting Lust

Danielle is a 20-something ready to get serious and pursue her dreams of travel. Follow her adventures as she attempts to strike off items on her bucket list– starting with North America. Through her words and photographs she shares her experiences with the locals, culture, history, and food.

The World is Waiting

Liv has been traveling and embracing life as an expat for most of her life. Follow her (mis)adventures and humorous observations at The World is Waiting, which also features lots of travel tips and handy hints, especially if you’re into scuba diving. Swing by and say hi!

Indie Travels

Indie travel tips, stories, photos and more for travellers that really want to “go their own way.”

Nomadic Samuel

Miles away from ordinary…dripping with sarcasm – Nomadic Samuel offers up daily travel photos, videos, tips, tales and more.


Outdoors lover, passionate hiker, biker & traveler. Check out Leigh’s excellent blog.

Aussie on the Road

Artist. Ladies man. Genius. The Aussie on the Road is none of these things. Doing everything possible to escape an ordinary existence Chris is teaching, backpacking, drinking, and diving his way around Australia and the world. With just a dash of sex, social alcoholism, and heartbreak.

Adventures of a GoodMan

Greg Goodman chronicles his journeys across the world through digital photographic art, storytelling and multimedia presentations to try and answer the age-old question: I traveled…now what.

Lash World Tour

Lash has been traveling the world solo since 1998: cycling, hiking, diving, and exploring the cultural arts of countries she visits. She offers tales of adventure, photo galleries, travel tips, and cultural insights in hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams. Check out Lash’s 2 guidebooks to Bali and her free eBook, ‘100 Free Things to do in Asia’.

Primo Travel

A travel site with all the best things to see and do that the World has to offer.

Work Break Travel

Travel site for people who think work is just a necessary interruption.

Travel Globe

Your budget and adventure travel destination.

Bohemian Trails

Megan is a bohemian at heart and a wanderer by nature. She first dipped her foot in the travel pond when she flew across the pond to study and work in London. Since then, Megan has traveled through Europe, South America, Mexico and Egypt. She founded Bohemian Trails for budget-conscious travelers who are culturally rich and enjoy art, food, fashion and off-the-beaten path destinations.

The Droput Diaries

Barbara is an awesome traveling mum who has dropped out of the rat race for a second time. She is now telling stories of her new life as a toddler-toting digital nomad. Be warned — she’s obsessed with street food and often chooses travel destinations just for the food.


Hejorama is a social media platform with inspiring content for curious and adventurous travelers. More than an activity, travel to them is a lifestyle of discovering new cultures and meeting new people.

I’m Not Home

I’m Not Home is a blog by Maddy the vegetarian backpacker and Steve a guitar-wielding geologist living in Laos. Together they bring you travel stories and adventures from places you would rather be.

Travel Wired

Travel site offering all the latest in Tech + Travel + Tips.

Travel Shepherd

A series of personalized travel guides based upon many years of living abroad in Ireland, Greece and Czech Republic. Tips on the expatriate lifestyle of the global nomad. Their experience will enhance your experience.

Info Travel 4 Greece

Travel information about Greece and the Greek islands. Explore history and mythology. Beaches, amazing landscapes and antiquities. Find the tips you need before your travel to Greece.

Lakwatsera de Primera

An adventurer, photographer and student of life, Claire likes wandering around popular destinations and off-the-beaten tracks as well as trying out exotic food, meeting fellow travellers and immersing herself in new culture.

Gay Travel Guide

My Gay Travel Guide is a personal guide and blog for gay travellers and backpackers around the world. The site features hand-picked gay travel information, personal stories and travel tips.

Indie Trips

Independent Trips for Independent Travellers.

National RV Parks

Shane interviews and publish’s interviews with seasoned RV-ers and also World Travellers who offer insight, tips, and general overall knowledge about RV-ing and World Travel.

This Is My Happiness

Jenna lived abroad and traveled all through her twenties, but she is now balancing her love of travel with raising two small kids and a career teaching college ESL in California. Her stories of travel and lessons learned along the way are informed by her multi-cultural family and background in art history.

Smiling Faces Travel Photos

Daily travel photo featuring smiles from around the world.

Budget Travel Guide

Budget travel advice with a focus on fun and free things to do in major cities around the globe. Save your money, see the world with Budget Travel Guide.

World Travel Buzz

World Travel Buzz is an edgy and awesome online travel magazine, run by a team of travel bloggers from around the world. We are young, wild, free, and in-your-face, and we provide honest and engaging travel stories, tips, and advice from real backpackers and adventure travelers.

Arctic Nomad

Jarmo is a self-described nomad; unable to stay in one place for too long, he spents most of his time traveling. Between travels he usually sets up camp in London, because it has a “warmer climate than Finland”. You can follow his travels and photography from his blog Arctic Nomad, “For a nomad, travel is a lifestyle, not a hobby”.


Born in America, Jeremy, an IT specialist by trade, packed up his belongings and left home on an open-ended trip to Australia. Years later, he’s still on the move and exploring other countries. He is now a mobile cocktail bartender and the head writer for travelFREAK!

Martha Stewardess

Martha is a sassy-mouthed, well-seasoned, veteran Flight Attendant for a major US airline. Although friendly service is an important job requirement, Martha works tirelessly maintaining a safe, stable, and secure environment while hosting hundreds of somewhat unstable, often insecure, and not-always-friendly passengers stuffed inside a metal tube hurling through space at over 500 mph. Seems like a crazy life huh? It is. It’s Martha’s life, and she’s living it at 34,000 feet.

Nomadic American

Heather, a twenty-something Marylander, believes “not all those who wander are lost”. She is currently traveling her way around China while teaching English This is her first time living abroad, so read along as she blogs about her exciting adventures and considers where she will go next.

Travel Weekly is blog covering traveling destination around the world.

Travel Escapism.

Escape the everyday, any day with advice and tips from Travel Escapism.

Expert Vagabond

Popular adventure travel blog featuring inspirational stories, photography, and tips from around the world. Follow Matthew Karsten on his wild adventures.

Borderless Travels

Follow Ian as he teaches, mountaineers, surfs, scuba dives and travels around the world. From Toronto to Tokyo read, get inspired, and learn how to start your own borderless travels.

Travelling Blogger

Travelling Blogger was created in 2012 by Kar, a travelling enthusiast working and living in the sparkling lights of London. Along with a friend, they have racked up enough air miles and travelled to various destinations across the world such as China, Australia, Europe and others.

Travel Vana

Top travel destinations around the world.

Travel and Tourism Guide

Your guide to the world.

That Backpacker

That Backpacker is about travel, backpacking, staying in hostels, travel photos, food, teaching abroad, destinations, and round the world travel.

Backpacking Travel Blog

Samuel and Audrey document their travels through silly videos.

Around the World in 80 Jobs

Turner shows your unique experiences and travel job opportunities overseas.

Travel Venu

Travelvenu is an exciting website covering different personal travel destination experiences around the world.

Jayme Blackmon

Explore and learn about America’s National and State Parks by watching Jayme’s YouTube web series “Parks Explorer”. Follow his blog to find the best trails with the greatest pay-off and how to beat the crowds.


Bram’s goal is to see, smell, feel, hear and taste as much of this beautiful planet as possible. One small step at a time! He shares his experiences through stories, thoughts and lots of photos.

A couple traveling the world in search for beauty and meaning. Their journey is food for the soul and a zen affair that’s been going on for years.

Budget Travel Tips

A blog for the budget traveler with tips for saving money and budget destinations.


A blog about art and travel.

Travel City Breaks

A blog about city breaks.

Caffeinated Traveller

Get your fix of great travel info.

The Lost Backpack

Getting lost is half the fun!

Travel and Tourism Guide

Your guide to the world.

Holiday Travels Blog

Your guide to having the best holiday travels.

Holiday Vacations Guide

Make the most of your holidays with these guides.

Honeymoon Holidays Guide

Everything you ever needed to know about honeymoon travel.

Luxury Travel Digest

Get a taste of the good life with this luxury travel blog.

Senior Travel Guides

Travel guides geared specifically for seniors.

Single Travel Guide

Let’s get this travel party started!

Special Holidays Blog

 A travel blog for those special times.

Stop Having a Boring Life

Life is never boring on Rob’s blog.

Travel With Kids

A guide to family travel.

“Pack lite, travel far, and live long” is the motto that describes the lifestyle of travel bloggers Cez and Agnes who travel around the world on less than $25 per day while sharing the world with you on their blog.

Travel Addicts

The explorations of two busy professionals who work to support their travel habit, packing in as much adventure as the “real world” allows.

Triposs – One Stop Source for Travel

Triposs provides you with the most comprehensive guides to all the top attractions in the United States.


A site from Stefan who has been living and breathing all things Thailand for the past 15 months.

I met Mica a while back in Thailand, Senyorita is her travel site where she chronicles her adventures one continent at a time.

Flashpacking World Trip

Two ‘flashpackers’ blog about their journey around the world. In 2011 the couple quit their jobs to travel long-term and have been on the road ever since.

Romancing The Planet

An Indian passport holder completes his MBA and starts traveling around the world sharing interesting stories and photographs.

Don’t Stop Living

Since leaving Northern Ireland over a decade ago, Jonny Blair has managed to travel, work and live around the world, visiting all 7 continents and over 70 countries in the process.

SuitQais Diaries

Born in England and raised in Oman, Adrian has always had a thing for travelling. After backpacking, living, volunteering and working in over 45 countries he doesn’t mean to stop now. Adrian’s next escapade is Tokyo, Japan and after that who knows… His intention is not to brag but to demonstrate that the travel lifestyle is not a fantasy but a reality, with the hope that he can somehow encourage you to go out there, do the same and become the person you always wanted to be.

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin is a former investment banker who sold off all of her belongings and now travels solo seeking off-the-beaten path adventures in Southeast Asia.

See the World in My Eyes

Dennis Kopp left his job as an architect in 2009 to travel the globe. Now through his website he shows you the world through his eyes.

The Constant Rambler

The Constant Rambler follows a married couple, Kenin & Lauren and their dog Zoe, as they road trip and travel across the world seeking off the beaten path adventures!

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