The Essential Travel Accessories for Men

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If you’re a guy that likes to travel—you’ve come to the right place. But sometimes, when you’re planning your next big adventure, you forget to purchase a few items that are sure to make your journey, well, a lot better.

The devil is in the details—and packing new electronics or getting the right bag can make your flights, train rides, and time spent waiting, all the more pleasant. Now, we’ve already looked at Upscale Gift ideas, but here are a few things you can get yourself:


A good move is to get yourself a comfortable set of headphones, noise-canceling is even better, too. Tune out the omnipresent crying babies, the couples’ conversations, your own thoughts. We think you should go with an over-ear model, rather than earbuds, as an immersive experience will elevate those long flights ’round the globe–whether you use them to tune into an onboard flick or to catch up on your favorite podcast.

Digital Camera

If you want something lighter and more streamlined than your DSLR, but aren’t keen on using your iPhone to document your journey, we recommend packing a something like the small, yet super stylish (seriously, that brown grip is too cool) Canon Power Shot G9X or the practical pocket-size Sony DSC-RX100M III. There’s a ton of awesome choices here, but you should definitely read up on your options.If speaking about digital cameras—it may be worthwhile to learn about unique photo printing ideas with which your friends and family forever would be impressed.

A Solid Weekender

You have your rolling suitcase, or that giant duffel bag, but for shorter jaunts or even a carry-on, you need a decent weekender. Think of it as an upgraded duffel bag. It has more structure and style than your suitcase or backpack. We’re thinking something like this Korchmar Weekender Bag is ideal. Or for something more affordable, this J Crew weekender balances coolness with a sense of casual.

Take the Stress Out of Packing

Every guy likes to look stylish while he travels, but packing something that’s just right for every single occasion isn’t exactly easy stuff. If you’ll be in town for a special event, consider getting a few items delivered to your door. It’s not really an accessory, per se, but employing the styling expertise of a site like Stitch Fix is a good move. You’ll have professionally-picked items that’ll upgrade your look, and you only pay for what you like. Just return everything else.

The E-Reader

Forget bringing a stack of books each time you get on a plane. You’ve got places to go and you can’t have a heavy bag weighing you down. The Amazon Kindle, or an iPad Mini will be your new best friend. There’s pros and cons to both options. Amazon requires that you pay extra to remove ads on their devices, but the Paperwhite model really has the feel of an actual book. The iPad doesn’t quite have the “paper look,” but it’s still pretty good for reading—ad-free, too.

Obviously, these are just a few items to add to your travel wish list, but practical choices nonetheless. If you’ve got any travel essentials of your own, feel free to share below.

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