Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy…

Posted by - January 2, 2011 | Category: Archives

“Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy.” That’s a quote from comedian Louis CK. I thought a lot about that one today. We live in an extraordinary world in an extraordinary time.  We have a world of information at our fingertips, but we get pissed if the battery is running low. At least I know I do. 

We are surrounded by every imaginable convenience, but it just means more can go wrong. And hence more to complain about. What I guess I’m getting at is that we need to appreciate what we have more. I know that’s hard. I’m as guilty as the next guy (or gal).  In 2011 I’m joining AA — the Attitude and Appreciation bandwagon. If all these years of complaining haven’t helped, then what do I have to lose?

See Louis’ rant below from the Conan O’Brien show. It’ll make you think. And laugh some too…

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