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The Spanish lifestyle is envied throughout the world. When you think of the tapas, dreamy olive fields and whimsical architecture, all topped with a generous portion of Mediterranean sun, you understand there’s no such thing as a dull day in Spain. Whether you’re one for exploring coastal regions, indulging in historic towns, or touring a vineyard, holidaying in this multi-faceted country caters for all tastes.

The Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands Spain

 Image by Kyle Taylor, used under CC License 2.0

A getaway to the Balearic Islands offers the glistening beaches and crystallized waters you’ll have seen in all the holiday brochures. Whilst everyone deserves a day soaking up that precious vitamin D, there’s a whole world of culture and fascinating heritage behind those white sands. Off the west coast of Mallorca, you’ll find the Sa Dragonera Natural Park. It’s home to 361 exotic plant species, and to a large population of wall lizards, a subspecies that are unique to the island. Walking the coastal trails here make for a great day out, and you’ll be back on mainland Mallorca before sunset.

Ibiza, likewise, isn’t all just clubs and beach parties. Take a walk up to the Eivissa Old Town and visit the citadel, and explore the outdoor museum for a refined taste of the island’s history. Following that, a stroll along the coast allows you to see Ibiza’s rich biodiversity and luscious landscapes – and it’s completely free! On the east of the island, you’ll find Las Dalias Hippy Market. One example of the free-thinking spirits which put Ibiza is famed for, you’ll find souvenirs to take home as a memento of your adventures here.

Costa Brava

Consta Brava Spain

Image by Dani, used under CC License 2.0

Moving back onshore, Costa Brava is a hotbed of elegant rural villas and verdant fields. Aside from these, there are the ancient Roman ruins near the town of L’Escala. Comprising floor mosaics and the remains of the amphitheater, a trip here will take you way back to the days of empires past. For an afternoon immersed within nature, go to the Cap Roig Botanical Gardens. Amid the blooming plants and trees, you’ll wander through paths with panoramic ocean views, so remember to pack a camera!

Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Spain

Image by Phillip Capper, used under CC License 2.0

Often referred to as Spain’s ‘White Coast’, Costa Blanca embodies the Mediterranean dream. In the heat of the afternoon, take a jaunt through Alicante’s sheltered old city. Colorful buildings house exquisite tapas bars and local markets. As you’d expect, the fresh waters near here bring in a selection of delicious fish – so get stuck into a bowl of anchovies! Further south, the city of Elche boasts so many tropical palms that one garden has recently been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city’s Basilica hosts a religious reenactment of the life of the Virgin Mary, which you should visit if your holiday coincides with this.

Like both its name and nickname suggest, Costa Blanca plays host to lustrous white architecture which has helped to put it on the map. Alicante’s Santa Maria Basilica may be smaller than some, but in terms of its grandeur and interiors it’s no less impressive. Buildings here never fail to amaze and even a modest ramble through the city makes for a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend your time here.

Countries rarely simultaneously serve up culture, cuisine and gorgeous scenery: Spain is is the true exception to that rule.

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