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Think of glamorous casinos and the first place that immediately springs to mind is almost certainly Las Vegas. Ever since the 1930s it has been growing its legendary reputation for excess and glamour, attracting millions each year to its casinos and countless other attractions. As anyone who’s been will tell you, this is a city that certainly does live up to the hype but there are also lots more locations all round the world that are just as, if not more, glamorous for casino lovers. Many of these iconic casinos are so atmospheric that online casinos attempt to recreate their charm online with live casino, this features a recreation of real dealers with a live stream as well as live chats so if you can’t make it anywhere on our list try out some great live casino online where you can get the next big thing. So here’s our guide to the best casinos not only in Vegas but across Europe, Asia and Australia too.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

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Nothing can quite prepare you for your fist sight of one of the Strip’s most famous casinos – Bellagio. Situated on the site of the old Dunes Casino, it was originally built by the Wynn Corporation who opened it in 1988 with a breath taking ceremony which reportedly cost $88 million.

Today it is owned by MGM Resorts International and no visit would be complete without seeing the stunning light and music display using the Yamaha speakers on this list to get the best sound, that accompanies its spectacular dancing fountains.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte carlo 291339 1280

The Casino de Monte Carlo is as discreet as the Bellagio is flamboyant and oozes European sophistication and charm.

The royal family of Monaco have been its owners ever since they had it built in the middle of the 19th century as a way of raising revenue for the tiny, independent principality. But one group of people who are unable to contribute to the country’s coffers by playing there are the native residents of Monaco who are banned from gambling there at any time.

Grand Lisboa, Macau

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Visit Macau and you’ll have no trouble finding the Grand Lisboa. It is, by a considerable margin, the highest tower in the city. There are 47 storeys and it is well over 250 metres in height. As you’d expect, the casino it contains is quite something to behold.

It occupies four prime floors of the tower and has 240 gaming tables and 750 slots machines. There’s also the biggest illuminated dome that glitters and shines thanks to more than a million LED lights.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore 1065091 1280 1

If you’re looking for what is, allegedly, the world’s most expensive resort then Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands is the place to head for. It’s been attracting the jet-set since 2010 with its 500 tables and 1600 slot machines. If you also need somewhere to stay, look no further. The hotel which is part of the complex boasts over 2,500 rooms.

Adelaide Casino

The atmosphere is more reserved and traditional at Australia’s Adelaide Casino. It occupies the city’s old railway station whose old façade has been carefully preserved. Once inside you can enjoy 90 gaming tables and 950 slots in the only licensed casino in South Australia.

Of course, wherever in the world you may travel all you need is an internet connection to enjoy all of the excitement of a live online casino. The ever-advancing technology is constantly making the experience more life-like and there are even live dealers to chat to.

Plus, whether you’re playing online or for real, all you need is a good run of luck and you could even be flying home First Class!

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