Get Your Meal On — Hotel Room Food Hacks from #ExperienceTransat

Posted by - September 30, 2016 | Category: Canteen

When I stayed in hotel rooms for months at a time as part of my old corporate job, I’d routinely order up room service without a second thought. I mean, when it’s the company footing the bill, there’s never any hesitation. If I want crème brûlée I’m gonna have crème brûlée damnit!

When I’m the one who has to pony up for the bill though, it’s a completely different story. And depending on room service to quell your hunger every night is going to add up pretty quickly. What with the delivery charges and surcharges and taxes and tipping, the price of that crème brûlée swells rather rapidly. These past few years I’m more of a fan of taking cheap snacks to my room to devour instead of picking up the phone.

The folks at Air Transat have taken hotel room snacking to a whole new level though, complete with makeshift cooking using everyday items you’d find around your hotel room.

Tarmac by Transat is a video series that brings useful tips and quick insights into the world of travel that will inspire travelers for their next vacation. This capsule has all the tricks for a quick meal done well when there are no restaurants in sight. From breakfast all the way to dinner, your hotel room has everything you need.

Take a look and let me know if you’d try any of the snacks they suggest.

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