Going Outside Your Comfort Zone in Okinawa Japan

Posted by - December 23, 2016 | Category: Contributing Author

Be Okinawa Daniel Fuchs

As the new year approaches, I’m sure many of you have fitness goals in mind. I know I do. Whether it’s losing weight, toning up that flabby beer belly, or just becoming more active one thing is certain — you need to be dedicated to attain your goal.

Unfortunately, what happens to many of us who take on a new exercise regimen is that we get stuck in a routine. And with routine, there usually develops some level of boredom or even contempt, and the pleasure is quickly drained from the activity. That goes for travel as well. I have many friends that go to the same resorts year after year, and while that can be safe and comfortable, in order to grow and get some of that excitement back, one needs to explore new horizons.

The fine folks at Explore Okinawa show up what happens when Daniel Fuchs, a fashion blogger with a passion for fitness from Dusseldorf, Germany is taken out of his comfort zone and given a new fitness regime in Okinawa. Watch and find out as you explore Okinawa and what these islands have to offer. You’ll have a new appreciation for the benefits of changing up your fitness plan from time-to-time, and for the beauty of Okinawa itself.

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