The Holistic Sanctuary: Taking medical tourism to an all new level

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As we focus on the latest developments in Medical Tourism there is one organization on the Pacific coast to take note of: The Holistic Sanctuary.

Johnny “The Healer” Tabaie, one of the biggest names in Advanced Alternative Medicine, created The Holistic Sanctuary as a revolutionary concept with a unique set of features that no establishment around the world has ever managed to group together.

A tale of two trends:

Just as Medical Tourism began to accelerate into a new mega trend, unfortunately so did opioid addiction in America. Whereas Oxford economics stated that the former will accelerate by 25% in the next 6 years, we have also learned that America could not find an effective answer to the opioid crisis and the president declared it to be a national emergency.

The one thing we do know now is that Americans started travelling in their masses to pursue advanced treatment and healing solutions that are not offered within their state. When asked about why this has become so popular, Johnny Tabaie had this to say: “We aspire to offer the most powerful, holistic, natural, and effective healing methods in the world. Years of research and dedication has led to the phenomenal results we’re seeing today”.

A new approach to healing:

Right at the intersection of these two mega trends you can find The Holistic Sanctuary. What is it that has got the media talking so much about it? For starters, anyone who looks at Johnny The Healer Reviews across the web will notice something astonishing: A combination of written and video reviews of real people who claimed to have visited the facility and got cured of addictions they could not shake off through conventional means.

This is clearly a form of rehab that is rare to find. When we take a deeper look into this, it seems that everyone is talking about the revolutionary “Pouyan Method” – which is a proprietary healing protocol designed by Johnny Tabaie. He makes use of Medical Ibogaine, Oxygen therapy (through super expensive HBOT systems), proprietary IV formulas that is administered, backed by NON-GMO diets that are tailored to individual needs.

The abovementioned protocol, which is somewhat of a trade secret is then administered at a luxury 5-star resort on the coast. Here Johnny Tabaie works alongside Emergency Medical Room Doctors with an exceptionally high staff to patient ratio to treat various forms of addiction all the way through to recovery. You will find Reiki and Yoga practitioners as support staff, with yoga massage and a variety of spa treatments delivered on-site, in combination with the “Pouyan Method”.

Holistic Sanctuary

More than just a luxury healing resort:

Johnny explained that besides the treatment itself, diet during the recovery period can be a vitiating factor as it has an effect on the speed and efficiency of healing. The detox process aids with the decalcifying of the pineal gland, whereas the NON-GMO diet helps to ensure a high level of nutrient absorption. Johnny also explained that the core of their philosophy is to solve addiction issues at its root: which means not to merely “talk” about it in counselling sessions, but to follow a process that can repair the receptors of Gaba, dopamine and serotonin.

Have you ever red about Life-Changing Ayahuasca Retreats on Tripadvisor? Travelling to Peru to on a spiritual journey to meet Shamans has picked up pace in recent years as the concept of Ayahuasca spiritual journeys went mainstream. Yet there is no need these days to venture all the way to Iquitos for this purpose. That is because The Holistic Sanctuary now runs the worlds’ only medically supervised Ayahuasca Retreats near San Diego on the pacific coast.


People travel to experience spiritual journeys and it is well documented these days. The same goes for Medical Tourism as far as addiction is concerned. The one thing that stood out about The Holistic Sanctuary is it’s safety-first approach. Then there is the proprietary healing protocols mentioned above that is nowhere to be found in the world. From all the information and testimonies available it seems that there is more than one reason to class The Holistic Sanctuary as one of the most exclusive healing centers in the world.

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