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Travelling without breaking a sweat in style is something that everyone wants to do. When it comes to long routes, you have various options to choose from, but in case of shorter distances, only a few vehicles make it to the list. While bicycles and skateboards help you to move around, they fall a little behind on the convenience front, especially for those who are unable to hold the balance that a bicycle or a skateboard requires.

Hoverboard vs skateboard

This is where technology, by the name of self balancing scooters or ‘hoverboards’ come to your rescue. This invention has made it possible for you to live your dream of travelling with ease, and efficiently so. A self balancing scooter, as the name suggests, does all the work for you. You do not have to pedal or give it a push, as it is fully automatic. The fact that it is portable makes the device very travel friendly. Its portability allows you to take the hoverboard with you wherever you go!

Available in various colours, from classy black to stunning red, it is also a stylish travel option. The rechargeable battery requires you to plug it in for just 2-3 hours and you are good to go. The self balancing device consists of sensing and control systems, ensuring precision and safety. It does not compromise on speed and can run at an impressive speed of up to 9MPH/15KM.

As it do not burn fuel to function, hoverboards also win on the environment front. Engineered with the best of technology with high end features, it is definitely a great gadget to add to your collection.

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